$285 million Lewis Hamilton reveals the only way for him to part ways with $1,000,000 for FIA fines

Lewis Hamilton has been through a rollercoaster during the last race, when he almost took a win, snatching it from the hands of Max Verstappen but later on he was disqualified from the race, making him lose his hard-fought podium.

The FIA has become rather strict about fines and their implementation; as such, they increased the maximum fine cap that stewards are allowed to award drivers to a whopping $1 million. While this decision has been protested by the GDPA on the whole, Lewis Hamilton, however, had an interesting take.

Hamilton makes his stand clear over $1million fine

Lewis Hamilton was hesitant about a huge sum being imposed as a fine on drivers and he wanted to make it clear what he thinks about this decision. Hamilton has always been active for social issues and raising concerns over a good cause, on numerous occasions. Lewis Hamilton questioned the amount of $1 million by asking, if this money will be used in an ethical way.

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When he was asked by the media about FIA allowed a ridiculously expensive fine, he replied in a straightforward manner, “If they are going to be fining a million, let’s make sure 100% of that goes to a cause….. That’s the only way they’ll get the money from me.”

Lewis Hamilton has given a subtle warning through his words that he won’t allow FIA to hoard money from the drivers for their personal profits, instead of improving the sport or donating it to a social cause.

Charles Leclerc resonates Hamilton mood after DQ

Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton were disqualified from US GP post race after their cars didn’t pass the technical inspection of bargeboard by the FIA. Lewis and Charles were 2nd and 3rd respectively, but they were stripped of the podiums they earned.

Lewis recently posted on Instagram, explaining his and Charles’s mood through a hilarious snapshot where both them can be seen dejected sitting together as they look into the distance. Their cars were the two disqualified vehicles after a random inspection of 4 cars after the US GP ended.

Many people, including Sky F1 pundit Martin Brundle have brought forth this partial investigative method, he said that since 2 out of the 4 cars failed FIA test the whole paddock should be scrutinized equally on account of the high probabilities. Martin’s words resonated with many fans of the sport who think that the drivers did not deserve such kind of a punishment and fair checking should have been ensured.

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