49ers QB Brock Purdy makes audacious MVP claim about Christian McCaffrey that Lamar Jackson won’t find amusing

In an NFL world dominated by quarterbacks claiming the MVP award for almost ten years, the emergence of running back Christian McCaffrey has captivated the hearts of San Francisco 49ers fans. McCaffrey’s standout display in Week 15 highlights his unparalleled impact on the field.

After witnessing McCaffrey’s remarkable performance, his quarterback Brock Purdy couldn’t help but declare the 49ers running back as the season’s MVP. Purdy’s assertion gained strong backing from NFL legends Tom Brady and Peyton Manning.

Brock Purdy says Christian McCaffrey should win NFL MVP

After the 49ers’ resounding 45-29 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, Purdy stepped into the spotlight not to boast about his own achievements but to passionately advocate for his teammate, Christian McCaffrey.

When questioned about making a case for McCaffrey to win the MVP award, Purdy left no room for doubt about his teammate’s impact on the game.

“He does it all. He’s the reason why our pass game and our play-action pass opened up.”

McCaffrey’s ability to influence the game both as a runner and a receiver has positioned him as a standout in the eyes of the 49ers starter. Purdy later went on to mention his running back’s stat, which looks “crazy” to him.

“He sets a standard with the run game. And then when we do pass the ball, he’s there in our play. He catches the ball, he makes guys miss, he can go up against safeties and linebackers and make them miss in the pass game. And then he scores touchdowns; his stats are crazy, so he’s definitely a valued player, and I think the most valued player.”

The duo of Purdy and McCaffrey has ignited discussions about the MVP award, a distinction that has eluded a Niner since Steve Young in 1994.

Meanwhile, McCaffrey’s standout performances have made him more than just a conventional player in the league. He now leads the league in scrimmage yards with an impressive 1,801 while sharing the NFL lead in touchdowns with 20, according to Sporting Zealot.

Despite the impressive seasons from both Purdy and McCaffrey, the Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson remains a formidable contender for the MVP title. The upcoming Week 16 clash between the 49ers and the Ravens provides an opportunity for Jackson to stake his claim as the best player on the field, potentially shifting the narrative in the MVP race.

Tom Brady likely to agree with Purdy’s McCaffrey MVP claim

After Purdy, Brady, who sees today’s NFL as “mediocre” and Manning have added their voices to the growing chorus endorsing San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey as the league’s most valuable player for the current season.

On his “Let’s Go!” podcast, Brady shared his admiration for McCaffrey’s dynamic play, harking back to a standout moment in the Rose Bowl against Iowa while mentioning the 49ers superhero as a “dynamic player.”

“He caught an angle pass and ran for about a 75-yard touchdown. I was like, ‘Well, they’re not gonna catch him.’ He was a dynamic player then. He is a dynamic player now.” 

With McCaffrey’s pivotal role in the 2023 season, Brady did not hold back, referencing the running back’s influence on the team’s offense and noting the dynamic changes and opportunities created

“I think all of what he’s done this year is a lot what he’s done in the past. It’s a different team with some different opportunities, and they’ve been really dynamic on offense.” 

Brady continued to endorse McCaffrey’s MVP candidacy by referencing quarterback Brock Purdy’s high praise for the running back.

“He is definitely in my mind the MVP favorite, and according to his quarterback too, Brock Purdy, who says some amazing things about him.”

With Brady, Manning echoed the notion, indirectly dubbing McCaffrey the “MVP of the league.”  In this regard, the former football player playfully chided his brother Eli Manning, who interrupted the accolades for the 49ers’ three-time All-Pro performer.

Nevertheless, Adrian Peterson, in 2012, became the most recent non-quarterback to secure the MVP award by achieving an impressive feat of rushing for 2,097 yards.

Do you think that Christian McCaffrey can etch his name in history as the last non-quarterback to win the MVP after Peterson?

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