Patriots Legend Rob Gronkowski drops shocking Justin Herbert prediction amid Chargers’ poor start

The Los Angeles Chargers extended quarterback Justin Herbert’s costly deal this offseason in an effort to get off to a strong start. Even though the quarterback called for his best play of the year, he was unable to live up to the expectations of the team’s supporters.

With his guidance, the Chargers established themselves as one of the worst teams, having already lost two games of the season. While his quarterback prowess is drawing a pile of criticism for him, retired NFL player Rob Gronkowski enlisted his name in the hot topic by fueling through a bold prediction.

Gronkowski predicts Justin Herbert can seal the fate of Chargers’ HC

With both teams having 0-2 records to start the season, the Chargers and Minnesota Vikings will square off in week three. As there is no instance of a National Football League team recovering from a 0-3 start, this record predicts an awful season for both of the teams.

Gronk cited the game as one of the most important aspects of the team’s arrangement this season during his interview on the “Ups and Adams” show.

The former teammate of Tom Brady believes that the luck of the Charger’s head coach, Brandon Staley, largely depends on the hand of their vet starter, Herbert. If Herbert fails to grasp the win, the Chargers will not hesitate to cut ties with Staley. 

Since there is so much rivalry in the NFL, Rob thinks the franchise will leave no stone unturned to escape from the one who fails to add value to their team.

“Whoever loses this game there will be some serious change in the organization eventually over the next few weeks, if the Chargers lose head coach Brandon Staley will be gone. He will be fired, I don’t know if they’ll be fired this week or next week, but he’ll eventually be fired this year. If he starts on three because you’re not coming back from an 0-3 start in the NFL. There’s just too much competition.”

In 2021, Staley was appointed as the Los Angeles Chargers head coach to succeed Anthony Lynn, and since then, the Chargers have averaged a respectable 25 points per game.

Chargers suffer back-to-back losses

Los Angeles’ team lost 36-34 to the Miami Dolphins in the Chargers’ season-opening game due to the outstanding tandem of Tua Tagovailoa and Tyreek Hill. Despite the loss, Herbert’s performance was better than it was in the previous season’s game.

Following the game, Herbert took over the fifth slot among NFL quarterbacks in CBS Sports’ most recent quarterback power rankings, trailing only Trevor Lawrence, Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow, and Patrick Mahomes.

However, though expectations were sky-high for their bounce back in the second game, the Chargers dropped their second straight game with a 27-24 overtime loss to the Tennessee Titans.

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After taking an early 11-0 lead, the Los Angeles team lost the advantage, matched the score at the conclusion of regulation, and finally conceded defeat. The Chargers are now 0-2 after suffering back-to-back defeats by a total margin of five points.

Nevertheless, one rumor that circulated after the game said that the head coach’s time in Los Angeles may be coming to an end soon, and the coach himself lost his anger while addressing the media.

“Our team is connected, our team has played its heart out in two games and we’ve lost two tough games but it has nothing to do with the Jacksonville game,” the head coach said.

If, regrettably, the Chargers fail to recover against the Vikings, do you believe Gronk’s prediction will come true? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

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