Adin Ross claims KSI snitched to stop his boxing event with jail time threats

Crossover boxing events have amassed popularity in recent times with Misfits Boxing and Most Valuable Promotions leading the way. However, Jake Paul-owned Most Valuable Promotions has shifted its focus to professional boxing events leaving KSI-owned Misfits Boxing leading the charge.

Adin Ross, a controversial streamer, has recently dipped his toe in hosting crossover boxing events via live stream. However, Ross was met with an obstacle for the event whilst he was in attendance at the recently concluded UFC 299 PPV in Miami, Florida.

Adin Ross halted his boxing event after being threatened with prison time

Many notable celebs were in attendance at UFC 299 at the Kaseya Center, in Miami, Florida and Adin Ross was amongst them. Ross has acquaintance with Sean O’Malley who went on to defend his bantamweight title against Marlon Vera in the main event. However, Ross had a negative conversation in the arena, and he talked about it on his livestream.

“I was supposed to do a boxing event on March 16th, 2024, and last night at the UFC, I got approached by somebody who basically said running an unsanctioned event is criminal,” said Ross who went on to state that his proposed boxing event will be postponed until further notice. Ross subtly hinted that KSI is behind it but did not name him explicitly.

“They gave me a warning that if I have a fight on March 16th, it’s criminal, and I’ll be shut down completely,” Ross further added as he stated that he would, without a doubt, do everything in his power to get his events sanctioned.

Nonetheless, Ross expects fellow streamers Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed to be in his next boxing event. Byrce Hall had already expressed his interest in fighting Dillon Danis for the event which was okay for Ross.

KSI makes fun of Adin Ross’ boxing event

KSI recently appeared on N3on’s Kick stream and there the Brit threw shade at Adin Ross without explicitly naming him. Streamers found KSI’s appearance on Neon’s stream as a way to get to Ross as Neon is a close friend of Adin.

“There isn’t anyone else better than us,” KSI remarked as he called them the best at promoting crossover boxing bouts which is a claim that Neon agreed with. “There is some people who are trying but..,” KSI subtly made fun of Adin Ross’ promotion.

“We can’t name names…We’re gonna let them do their thing,” KSI further added as he further mocked Ross subtly by stating that he will let them think they are ‘big’. Neon tried his best to extract the name out of KSI, but he did not succeed.

KSI’s Misfits Boxing recently came under controversy after Astrid Wett announced not fighting under the promotion, citing sexism and misogyny. However, the promotion got the backing of the other female fighters on their roster.

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