AEW fans blast CEO Tony Khan as he dodges questions on CM Punk’s firing amid WWE comeback rumors

Following CM Punk’s firing from AEW on September 2, fans have had a lot of questions regarding his sudden exit. However, AEW President Tony Khan managed to dodge and deflect any and all questions regarding Punk in a recent interview.

At AEW’s All In PPV last month, CM Punk was involved in a heated backstage exchange with “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry, which eventually led to an altercation between the two. After their chaotic encounter, Punk was escorted out of the arena following his match with Samoa Joe. On September 2, AEW President Tony Khan publicly terminated The Second City Saint’s contract with the company after a thorough investigation of the altercation.

Tony Khan dodges question regarding CM Punk firing

Tony Khan recently made an appearance on ‘Superstar Crossover’, to promote the upcoming Grand Slam shows for AEW Dynamite and Rampage at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, New York. And during his latest appearance, Khan was asked questions about Punk’s abrupt firing from the company, something that had been on everyone’s minds for the past few weeks.

However, when asked about CM Punk, Tony Khan completely dodged the question and moved on to promote his shows. This time, he didn’t even address the issue, something that angered every AEW fan in the industry. As a result of his recent answer, the AEW President was bashed online by several fans. It’s also interesting to note that Khan did address Punk’s release from the company in a video sometime ago, but failed to mention much about the incident in the video as well.

This is, however, not the first time that Khan has avoided questions regarding Punk. In 2022, during a controversy surrounding The Second City Saint, Tony Khan avoided any questions related to Punk and redirected his focus to the upcoming AEW events. As a result, the AEW President was bashed online by several fans for not providing a clear answer.

“Well, I can’t really comment on that. I appreciate you asking but I’m very excited about the things we are doing”, said Tony Khan. “Like I said, we’ve been on probably the best run of AEW pay-per-views we’ve ever had and the TV shows have been really strong. We’ve had a lot of great matches both on TV and pay-per-view, and it feels like this week, it’s all really coming together.”

CM Punk rumored to join the WWE

Ever since his firing from AEW, CM Punk has been speculated to be rejoining WWE. This time however, fans had mixed emotions about his return to the Stamford-based promotion after his series of constant drama and controversies at AEW.

CM Punk

Since WWE’s Survivor Series is taking place in Chicago in November 2023, some fans have theorized that The Best In The World might make an appearance at the event. However, several sources have claimed this to be nearly impossible. They highlighted the fact that if WWE and CM Punk sat down and had a meeting about his return, it might be possible next year. As of now, the chances of him returning to WWE this year are unlikely.

Although his wrestling career is up in the air as of now, fans hope to see The Second City Saint return to the squared circle sometime in the future. Stay tuned for further updates on WWE and CM Punk.


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