AEW star Kenny Omega set to face WWE’s Xavier Woods, just not in the ring

With WWE wrestlers crossing over to AEW and reinventing themselves, fans have been wanting a WWE vs AEW match. Well, now their wish is being granted, sort of. AEW star Kenny Omega recently got challenged by WWE star Xavier Woods to a match, just not in the ring.

A lot of wrestlers, be it WWE, AEW or Impact, have become fan favourites for being gamers as well. Claudio Castagnoli, AJ Styles, Xavier Woods, Zelina Vega and Xavier Woods are some great examples of wrestlers who are hardcore gamers as well. As of now, we are officially getting WWE vs AEW in the game of Tekken, which is a massively popular fighting game.

Kenny Omega set to face Xavier Woods in Tekken 8

In the latest news from the world of professional wrestling, Kenny Omega and Xavier Woods continue their video game feud. Yesterday in X(formerly Twitter), the former NJPW star was called out by the ONE FC Champion, Demetrious Johnson.

Johnson challenged Omega to a game of Street Fighter 8, which he said would take place around the time of AEW WrestleDream, which also takes place in Johnson’s hometown of Seattle. He also added that the loser of their match would have to donate to a charity of the winner’s choosing.

Kenny Omega seemingly took offense to Johnson questioning his skills in Street Fighter, mentioning that he once defeated WWE star Xavier Woods years ago. Omega suggested that Johnson and Woods could ‘bond over being losers.’

Woods, in response to this insult, claimed that Omega had just gotten lucky in their previous match. He further challenged both Omega and Johnson to a game of Tekken, even extending an invitation to his UpUpDownDown gaming channel. Kenny Omega graciously accepted the challenge.

Former NJPW megastar’s gaming habits

On top of being one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, Kenny Omega is also a big-time gamer. He has never shied away from his love for gaming, even making his entrance at NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom 17 to The Final Fantasy 7 villain Sephiroth’s theme and also dressed in the iconic villain’s trench coat. In fact, one of Omega’s finishing moves called ‘One Winged Angel’ being another reference to Sephiroth.

On the other hand, WWE star Xavier Woods is also a hardcore gamer. He operates a popular gaming channel on YouTube called UpUpDownDown, where he goes by his gaming alias, Austin Creed. He used to stream on Twitch as well. Woods has made appearances in approximately 8 wrestling video games alongside his New Day comrades, Big E and Kofi Kingston.

Furthermore, Xavier Woods is a downloadable character in the game Gears 5 and even sports a tattoo of the Royal Crest from The Legend of Zelda series. Although it appears that Xavier Woods is still not cleared to wrestle in the ring, it’s heartwarming to see him thriving in both the wrestling and gaming communities. Stay tuned for updates on his Tekken 8 match with Kenny Omega.


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