After getting Robert Saleh’s nod for season opener, Jets star Mekhi Becton gains valuable insights from Aaron Rodgers

After finishing the last season with a 7-10 record, the New York Jets team was in search of new players in order to strengthen their roster before this season. From hiring a new offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett to swapping the starter position with Aaron Rodgers, they did their best to give the Jets squad a new and strong look.

Amidst these shifting settings, Mekhi Becton who had accused his team of pushing him to play right tackle was given a fantastic opportunity by the New York squad.

Robert Saleh names Mekhi Becton as starting right tackle

A few weeks ago, the Jets’ team was concerned regarding their defensive tackle room. They were unable to fully rely on Becton in the starting spot because his last campaign had been hampered by injuries, causing the team to put him on the injured reserve list.

Nevertheless, the Jets right tackle won their faith after a productive training camp and the ability to demonstrate his comeback in the New York teams’ 32-24 preseason victory over the New York Giants. Head coach Robert Saleh later announced that Mekhi would start at right tackle in Week 1.

Through the team transcript, Saleh disclosed Bectons’ diligent work during the training camp to return on a positive note. The Jets staff ultimately decided to start him after attentively observing his development because, in their opinion, he is now “ready to roll.”

“He’s in the training room every day working on that knee and making sure that it’s always fresh and ready to roll. He just has to stay on it and he can’t get complacent with where he’s at now.”

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Due to recurrent knee injuries, the defensive lineman only played in 15 out of a possible 50 games during his three years in the Big Apple. His teammates believe he still has a lot to offer the NY club and do not want an injury to endanger that. Because of this, they have presented him with a new opportunity despite his two-year-long absence.

“He has a lot to play for. He has gotten better every single day. He has gotten more confident in his knee. He hasn’t played in two years, so for him, it’s just a matter of mastering his techniques and getting himself back into the flow of the game.”

The 24-year-old played his debut season as a left tackle after being selected by the Jets with the No. 11 overall choice in the 2020 NFL Draft. Prior to 2022’s training camp, he intended to play left tackle but wound up at right tackle. He accused the team of putting greater strain on his right knee by moving him to the other side after being put on the IR list.

Rodgers boosts Becton’s confidence with encouraging comments

The Jets’ decision regarding Becton collected a heads-up from four-time MVP Rodgers. The 39-year-old’s tenure with the Green Bay Packers came to an end this offseason due to a miscommunication between him and the Packers’ management team. 18 years later, the veteran quarterback decided to part away with his former team because he felt they had lost faith in him.

A-Rod was therefore amused by the Jets’ confidence in the injury-prone tackle, and he did not stand still while expressing his satisfaction with the choice. Clearly, this sends Becton a strong message before the season. The reassuring remarks from the teams’ starting quarterbacks would undoubtedly give him an additional boost after the Jets’ assurance.

“It’s amazing to see when you empower people and you encourage people and you wrap your arms around people, you see their personality start to come out, you see the confidence start to grow.”

For the first time, Rodgers and Becton will play under the guidance of the Jets squad. Aaron is already looking forward to his new team’s Super Bowl victory this year, and the defensive lineman is hoping for a strong beginning at right tackle. This already suggests that the Jets are in a win-win situation, and their on-field performance will now support their attitude.


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