After McLaren’s Singapore success, Lando Norris earns Max Verstappen’s respect as a threat ahead of Japanese GP

This year at the Singapore GP, the Red Bulls were unable to cope up and were in a weak condition throughout the race. The Grand Prix had become a playground for the Ferraris, McLaren of Lando Norris and the Mercedes.

Lando Norris was attacking Carlos Sainz with a lot of zeal, utilizing the race pace of the improved McLaren MCL60. But unfortunately, he couldn’t win against the antics of Sainz and he had to be satisfied with a second place in the GP.

Verstappen acknowledges Norris as a formidable competitor

Verstappen is known to be a keen competitor and he has started marking Lando Norris as someone formidable to lookout for in the race. He is vary of Lando’s pace in the McLaren and he wants keep his guard up.

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Verstappen was being interviewed by F1 reporters where he remarked about these recent developments,

“Honestly, what they have done this year is quite impressive, from where they started to where they are now,” said Verstappen. “So I, for sure, expect them to be strong. But of course, I hope to be ahead!”

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Given, the fact that Verstappen is one of the fiercest when it comes to races or winning, it is a must that Lando Norris keeps up the good work and never stops trying to outwit his opponents.

Lando Norris secured a P2 finish in Singapore GP

Singapore GP was a platform for these underdogs to shine and Lando Norris was one of the superstars of the race. He secured a P2 finish in the race following an amazing battle with the others. Lando has been a consistent performer for Formula 1 for the McLaren team, this has made him a very important member for the McLaren team.

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Lando Norris recently signed contract extension with McLaren and the bosses of McLaren were praising the British driver about his talents. Lando is the apple of their eye and they intend to appraise their gem even more. It seems like Lando trusts his ‘Papaya’ team with all his heart because he is not ready to give up on them yet and he intends to continue with his team.

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Lando has got a good record of performances and has come close winning races. It is unfortunate that Lando couldn’t get a win but we will be expecting from him to show us his real colors soon. The ‘Papaya’ fans love him, the team loves him and he loves the sport.

What do you think about Lando and his recent race? Do you think Verstappen is intelligent to be wary of Norris.


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