After viral Erling Haaland collab, LeBron James hopes to team up with notable Bulls fan in Barrack Obama for “Quarterback”-esque NBA docuseries

The docuseries genre isn’t new in the world of sports, but it has experienced a resurgence recently, thanks in part to Netflix. The streaming giant has featured the lives of Formula 1 drivers in ‘Drive to Survive’ and PGA Tour golfers in ‘Full Swing,’ along with profiling the rise to stardom of athletes like Patrick Mahomes in ‘Quarterback’ and David Beckham in ‘Beckham,’ all of which have secured top spots on its streaming charts.

However, recent reports suggest that LeBron James’s company is planning a collaboration for a documentary series focused on the NBA. This series will involve a partnership with companies owned by Peyton Manning and Barack Obama. This endeavor aims to replicate the success achieved when LeBron James featured Erling Haaland in ‘The Beat by Dre’.

LeBron James plans to collab with Obama, Peyton Manning

NBA superstar LeBron James, in partnership with his SpringHill Company, is in discussions to collaborate with former NFL legend Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions and the production company of Barack and Michelle Obama, Higher Ground, for a new sports docuseries.

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The project is set to follow the lives of professional basketball players, drawing inspiration from the successful Netflix series ‘Quarterback,’ which focused on NFL players. The NBA is expected to be closely involved in the production, mirroring the partnership between NFL Films and ‘Quarterback.’ Higher Ground has a first-look deal with Netflix, where the series is likely to land, much like its NFL counterpart.

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LeBron James’ SpringHill Company, backed by investments from RedBird, Nike, and Epic Games, has a significant presence in the media world. They’ve secured first-look deals with Disney and Universal for scripted TV and films worth over $725 million. Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions is known for its ESPN Manningcast and “Peyton’s Places,” while Higher Ground produces acclaimed documentaries and has deals with both Netflix and Audible.

This high-profile collaboration adds star power to the sports docuseries genre, building on previous success and providing a unique look into the lives of professional basketball players.

James poses for Louis Vuitton

LeBron James is the latest star to feature in Pharrell Williams’ inaugural Louis Vuitton campaign. This campaign follows in the footsteps of Rihanna, maintaining a theme of luxury and superstar status for the fashion house’s latest era. Fresh from being selected as the face of Pharrell’s new Louis Vuitton campaign, LeBron James showcased his fashion sense on the NBA’s opening night.

Before the Los Angeles Lakers’ season opener, LeBron appeared at the Denver Nuggets’ Ball Arena dressed in Louis Vuitton attire valued at $28,000. According to TMZ, King James’ ensemble featured a $5,000 camouflage jacket, $1,250 pants, $1,220 sneakers, an $11,000 bag, and a $9,500 suitcase.

LeBron’s Louis Vuitton attire came after he was selected by LV’s men’s creative director, Pharrell, to promote the fashion brand’s second campaign. In the hours leading up to the Lakers’ inaugural game of the 2023-24 season, James took to Instagram to promote Pharrell’s upcoming fashion show.

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