Akira Tozawa’s insane body transformation: From over 200 lbs to an insane weight loss journey

Akira Tozawa, a Japanese wrestler, who currently working for WWE on the RAW brand, previously appeared in the 205 Live show. He is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion and a fan favorite known for his energetic and charismatic style. However, before joining WWE, Tozawa had a very different physique and appearance.

In 2016, Tozawa’s journey reached the global stage of WWE as he joined the Cruiserweight division, perfectly suited to his high-flying style and agility. Recently, Tozawa reacted to a viral body transformation photo that gained attention on social media.

Who is Akira Tozawa

Tozawa began wrestling in 2005 after graduating from the Dragon Gate Dojo in Japan. He was a slim and athletic wrestler who impressed fans with his speed and agility. He also had a brief stint in the US, where he competed for promotions like Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor. He returned to Japan in 2010 and joined the Blood Warriors stable.

In 2016, Tozawa signed with WWE and joined the Cruiserweight Classic, a tournament featuring wrestlers from around the world. He impressed the fans and the officials with his skills and charisma, advancing to the quarterfinals. He then became a regular on the 205 Live show, where he showcased his high-flying and hard-hitting style. He also joined the Titus Worldwide stable, a group of wrestlers managed by Titus O’Neil.

Akira Tozawa in WWE
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In 2017, Tozawa reached the pinnacle of his WWE career when he defeated Neville to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. He became the first Japanese wrestler to hold the title and received a huge ovation from the fans. Tozawa continues to be one of the most entertaining and talented wrestlers on RAW.

Exploring Akira Tozawa’s insane body transformation

In 2011, Tozawa underwent a drastic change as part of a storyline, gaining weight and adopting a comedic character known as ‘Fat Tozawa.’ Mocked by stablemates and opponents, he embraced a sumo wrestler gimmick, reaching a weight of over 200 lbs.

Undeterred, Tozawa initiated a ‘diet series’ in 2012, gradually shedding weight and enhancing his in-ring performance. By 2014, he completed his body transformation, returning to his original lean and muscular physique. He revamped his attire and hairstyle to complement his new look.

Recently the photo of Tozawa’s body transformation was going viral in social media. Tozawa made his reaction to the photo by commenting, “I was Cute,” also adding a heart emoji.

Tozawa’s journey from a comedic underdog to a champion and entertaining performer is an inspiration. Currently, Tozawa is part of the entertaining faction Alpha Academy alongside Chad Gable and Otis on Monday Night RAW. This unlikely trio combines power, agility, and comedy, with Tozawa often playing the role of the underdog who pulls off surprising victories.


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