Alexander Volkanovski, Leon Edwards, Colby Covington and more share candid thoughts on UFC CEO Dana White’s Power Slap: “Pretty brutal”

The slap-fighting competition Power Slap, owned by UFC CEO Dana White, stands as the premier slap-fighting competition globally. Since its inception, the league has faced controversy, primarily due to ethical and medical concerns it raises.

Despite negative feedback from significant portions of society, Power Slap has continued to grow. It’s worth noting that while many UFC fighters appreciate the entertainment value of the slap-fighting competition, there are also fighters who vehemently oppose it.

UFC fighters talk on Power Slap

MMA Journalist Nina Marie Daniele, a close friend of UFC CEO Dana White, has attended Power Slap events live. Daniele asked noted UFC fighters for their opinions on Dana White’s Power Slap before UFC 296 PPV.

“Pretty brutal, I’ll leave it at that,” said UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski, who was in Las Vegas for the UFC 2024 Seasonal Press Conference. Moreover, he even revealed his wish to slap his upcoming opponent, the undefeated Ilia Topuria.

“Its’ beautiful violence,” said Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington, who went on the rave about Dana White and Hunter Campbell for their role in creating a big platform for the entertaining sport of Power Slap. “Its fun to watch,” said Leon Edwards who would go on to defeat Covington in the UFC 296 main event.

“I don’t like it,” said Shavkat Rakhmonov who was visibly disgusted by the thought of it. Rakhmonov would defeat Stephen Thompson at UF C296. “It’s not the sport for me,” said light heavyweight contender Johnny Walker who does not like the idea of a defenseless sport.

Best athletes in Dana White’s Power Slap

Power Slap has very good athletes on its roster. Only the toughest of the tough could contest in the Power Slap due to the brutal nature of the sport. Amongst them, only the best could lay claim as the best athletes in Power Slap.

Christapher Thomas is 1-4 as an MMA fighter but that did not stop him from being an elite athlete in Slap fighting. He is the welterweight champion at Dana White’s Slap Fighting promotion. Koa Viernes, the heavyweight champion is also one of the best in the league. Both Thomas and Viernes have not defended their title.

Damien Dibbell, the heavyweight champion of Dana White’s slap-fighting, and Ron Bata, the light heavyweight champion of slap fighting are also elite competitors in the Slap Fighting League. John Davis with two defenses of his middleweight title is also a terrific athlete.

Who do you think is the best in Power Slap? Leave your prediction below!


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