Allen Iverson statue: how many Sixers legends received the same honor?

Allen Iverson, in the late 90s, came into the league with a swag that defined a whole era. The braided hair, the tattoos, and the rhythmic movements of Iverson made him an integral part of the hip-hop culture that gripped the league.

After 14 years of leaving his NBA days behind, the fans will now get physical proof of Iverson’s influence through the latest endeavor of the Sixers, a statue on the Legends Walk. But he is not the only Sixers icon to have received the honor.

How many Sixers legends have been immortalized with statues before Allen Iverson?

In the 78 years of the history of the 76ers franchise (formerly known as Syracuse Nationals), the 3-time championship winners have seen many glorious players. From Wilt Chamberlain to Julius Erving, from Moses Malone to Bobby Jones, the Philly team had an abundance of star power and legendary figures.

However, only a selected few have ever been bestowed with the honor of a statue at the team’s training facility’s Legends Walk.

Allen Iverson will become the 10th member of that walk on April 12. But before him came nine more legends of the game who left an everlasting impact on the game.

The list consists of legend of the sport including Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Irving, Maurice Cheeks, Billy Cunningham, Bobby Jones, Hal Greer, Moses Malone, Dolph Schayes and Charles Barkley.

It is to be noted that the names have been taken in a random order that does not, by any means, assess their respective values to the game.

Did Allen Iverson receive similar honor before?

For Iverson, getting honored for his remarkable NBA career is not something of a foreign concept. The 6-feet shooter supreme had his number 3 jersey retired a decade ago. Winning 4 NBA scoring champion awards is a true testament to his shooting prowess and validates his 43-point claim while assessing Luka Doncic’s scoring spree.

In February it was announced that the notion of naming a road after the Virginia native was approved. The 16th Street of Newport News will be named the “Allen Iverson Way” in honor of the 2001 NBA MVP.

Iverson, who played for the Bethel High basketball team, was also honored by the high school. The basketball court and the gymnastics court were renamed after him along with retiring his jersey number 10.

Allen Iverson not only dazzled with his handling skills but also paved the way for players like Damian Lillard and many more who grew up idolizing the guard.

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