Alpine crush hopes of Andretti’s F1 induction amid uncertain FIA decision

In the previous year, a spontaneous choice emerged to introduce a new 11th Formula One team, Andretti, to the grid, equipped with a brand new competitive car and team members. The announcement extracted diverse responses from Formula One teams and fans as it made an entrance.

However, the aspirations of the American team did not last long, with the Alpine team completely rejecting their engine offer.

Alpine reject Andretti deal

Alpine has officially declared that they no longer have the intention of maintaining the engine deal with Andretti anymore since the team has been rejected for entry until the 2025/2026 season. At first, Alpine had made a deal to supply customer engines until their own Cadillac power unit came along, which was a part of their partnership with General Motors, ready to begin in the 2028 season.

However, Alpine’s team principal, Bruno Famin, announced that until Andretti has a confirmed entry into the industry in the near future, they have no plans to engage in any conversation regarding the engine deal with Andretti anymore.

Will FIA allow Andretti to participate in F1?

After months of preparation to form a solid team, the FIA has finally approved the team to participate in the Formula One Championship in October. They claimed that the team had abided by the proper rules and regulations and was prepared with a potentially competitive car to race among all the other F1 cars.

The former FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem stated “The FIA is obliged to approve applications that comply with the Expressions of Interest application requirements, and we have adhered to that procedure in deciding that Andretti Formula Racing LLC’s application would proceed to the next stage of the application process. In taking that decision, the FIA is acting in accordance with EU directives on motorsport participation and development.”

“Andretti Formula Racing LLC was the only entity which fulfils the selection criteria that were set in all material respects. I congratulate Michael Andretti and his team on a thorough submission. I also want to thank all prospective teams for their interest and participation.”

Will Andretti be able to prove its dominance in the future when it finally has an entry into the sport? Let us know in the comment section below.


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