Andrew Tate shares candid thoughts on Sneako and ex-UFC champ Sean Strickland’s sparring session: “That was crazy”

Recently, a controversial streamer engaged in a high-stakes sparring session with a former UFC middleweight champion at the UFC PI. The session resulted in the streamer getting bloodied as the former champion unleashed a series of punches.

The decision generated mixed reactions, with both support and criticism coming from various prominent figures. Amidst the controversy, Andrew Tate, the controversial red pill influencer, shared his perspective on the matter.

Andrew Tate reacts to Strickland vs Sneako sparring session

Controversial streamer Sneako has been involved with big names in the UFC recently and his latest sparring session with Sean Strickland went viral on social media. Controversial kickboxer turned influencer Andrew Tate recently provided his take on the matter on his recent appearance on the Fresh and Fit podcast.

“Sneako took the licks, but Sean was trying to hurt him. I don’t know what’s going on,” said Tate on the podcast about the sparring session. Strickland had bloodied up the streamer in the sparring session with even blood pouring out of the streamer’s mouth and nose.

“I don’t know why Sneako thought he could fight a professional MMA fighter, and I also don’t know why Sean decided to take his fucking face off,” Tate said of his bewilderment at the decision that the streamer and the fighter took. Nonetheless, the streamer has been respectful towards Strickland after the sparring session and Strickland has reciprocated the same feeling.

Tristan Tate calls out Sneako for snubbing millionaire celebration party

Tristan Tate, the younger brother of Andrew Tate, made the controversy clear about the proposed millionaire celebration party for Sneako on the recent Fresh and Fit podcast. “I said I’m going to throw Sneako a party when he becomes a millionaire. He became a millionaire about the same day I got put in, and for the next three months,” Tate explained why he could not give the party to Sneako

“He looked like he was having a very good time. And he’s been looking like he’s having a very good time since then, and he’s having a very successful time since then,” Tate also praised Sneako for the success he is having in the social media circuit. Like his older brother Andrew, Sneako also reverted to Islam and has since made the pilgrimage to Mecca.

“I don’t think he, right now that I’m under police surveillance, expects the party. It’s going to be what it’s going to be. Sneako knows I’m cool with him, like it is,” Tate further said that the streamer will understand why he was unable to do as he promised.

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