Anthony Edwards hilariously confesses to wearing fake chains after putting a halt to Michael Jordan comparisons

The Minnesota Timberwolves’ Anthony Edwards is one of the fastest-rising basketball stars in the NBA. He has gained a lot of popularity since he stepped foot in the league and continues to grow in acclaim.

He has been compared to the great Michael Jordan and the Wolves star recently urged the community to stop those comparisons. He also revealed an interesting fact about the jewelry he wears.

Anthony Edwards opens up about his bling

Anthony Edwards is the superstar of the new generation who belongs to the gen z. His fashion sense and dressing style are heavily affected by recent trends in the fashion world. He likes to wear loose clothing and trending jewelry that goes along with it.

He recently did an interview, revealing that he was wearing fake jewelry in some of his photos. On being asked if the chain he was wearing was fake, Ant said, “That little one is some BS, for real. It is a fake and ain’t nobody really sees it, you see how you zoom in on this?… People are going to think it is real anyway because it’s me. I am not gonna spend all that money on jewelry.“

Anthony Edwards is earning quite handsomely in the NBA right now. He recently signed a contract extension with the Wolves this off-season which is estimated to be worth $217 million. Still, he chooses to buy fake jewelry which goes to show how much of a smart spender he is.

Anthony Edwards
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Edwards shoots down Michael Jordan Comparisons

Anthony Edward’s journey right now looks very very similar to the great Michael Jordan. Both of these players were incredible in their starting years and played amazing basketball which brought an immense level of fame and attention their way.

Because of this similarity, many people tend to compare Ant to MJ, and in his recent interview, Ant shot down all comparisons with MJ.

He was asked about Pat Bev’s comments about him being the next Michael Jordan. Anthony blatantly told Bev to stop making these comparisons and displayed respect for Jordan while also showcasing his pride.

He said, “I just want them to stop. He is the greatest to ever play basketball. And I am so far from it.” Later on, he was asked about his opinion on whether he thought MJ could have guarded him to which he replied, “Hell nah! no”

What do you think about Anthony Edwards’ statements? Do you think he could level his game someday to the heights MJ reached? We are eager to hear your thoughts, so drop them down in the comments to let us know.

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