Antoine Griezmann sent Travis Kelce an autographed Atletico Madrid jersey ahead of the Super Bowl LVIII

Soccer stars with global popularity often collaborate with athletes from other sports to express their admiration for fellow sportspeople and share their passion. Such collaborations can take various forms, including charity events, social media exchanges, commercials, and the exchanging of shirts and memorabilia.

Antoine Griezmann, recognized as one of the best players presently and widely admired in France for his contributions to the national colors, has equally demonstrated his dedication to Atletico Madrid through record-breaking achievements. Recently, he has once again shown his love for the NFL, underscoring his adoration for American football.

Antoine Griezmann sends a surprise present to Travis Kelce

The Super Bowl is regarded as the most significant sporting event in America and ranks among the most-watched games worldwide. The latest edition, Super Bowl LVIII, of this highly anticipated fixture is set to be played between the Kansas City Chiefs, the defending champions, and the San Francisco 49ers. 

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The game is scheduled to take place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Sunday, February 11, 2024. Ahead of this high-stakes clash, French soccer star and Atletico Madrid’s ace forward, Antoine Griezmann, sent Kansas City Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce a special present.

The 32-year-old World Cup winner sent Travis Kelce a signed Atletico Madrid jersey with ‘Chiefs’ inscribed on the back, showcasing cross-sport admiration. Kelce described it as a late Christmas gift.

Delighted upon receiving the shirt, the NFL star said, “Nice one, I’ll take it. It’s like a late Christmas. We will try to bring the win for you.” Notably, the gesture of exchanging signed jerseys between Griezmann and the Chiefs players is not a new occurrence; the Frenchmen previously swapped jerseys with the team’s star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes in Frankfurt.

Antoine Griezmann once revealed his love for NFL over soccer

Antoine Griezmann has never hesitated to express his love for American football and the NFL. Fascinatingly, the forward is not only an avid follower of the sport but also hosts a special segment dedicated to it in Spanish on his YouTube show called ‘Grizi Huddle en Mundo NFL.’

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The weekly show, hosted by Griezmann, features discussions on game highlights, interviews with various NFL stars, and pre-match discussions, including predictions.

The former Barcelona forward has been a longtime enthusiast of the sport, participating in Spanish coverage of the NFL well before hosting his own show. He has even declared himself a big fan, underscoring his deep interest in the NFL.


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