Aramco has lofty Max Verstappen goals in mind with rumoured Aston Martin takeover

It has come to light that Saudi Arabia’s oil giant Aramco’s involvement in Formula One has gone beyond just a global partnership, with an interest in developing a more significant relationship with the Aston Martin team.

This increased interest has gained due to the internal conflict within the Red Bull, which has largely affected the key individuals within the team.

Aramco target Max Verstappen, Adrian Newey amid Aston Martin takeover rumours

Aston Martin has been undergoing several significant changes, which initially started with Lawrence Stroll’s decision to sell a minority stake in the Aston Martin team to Arctos Partners. Furthermore, Aramco’s involvement in Formula One, along with the new role as Aston Martin’s title sponsor, has led to a branding campaign that has affected the team’s technological advancements and competitiveness.

Confidential talks to entice Red Bull’s key personnel from their team have taken place in the midst of these at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. They have made the decision to bring in the two key figures of the team, Max Verstappen and Adrian Newey, in order to elevate Aston Martin into a highly influential force in Formula One.

Max Verstappen also linked to Mercedes move

Lewis Hamilton’s departure has left a huge void to fill for the Mercedes team, which can only be filled with an extremely talented driver from the grid currently. Even though the team principal has expressed interest in taking time to choose the next potential driver for the team, many are speculating that Max Verstappen will be their next driver in the 2025 season.

This was mainly due to the internal complications within Red Bull, which have ultimately questioned the Dutch sensation’s tenure at the team in this season itself. Verstappen’s father, Jos Verstappen, was spotted with Wolf a few days ago, which has further fuelled the speculations. Lewis Hamilton, upon acknowledging Verstappen’s transfer rumours, replied, “My move has shown that anything’s possible, and it’s going to be a really interesting next six months or so.”

“I don’t have an extra scoop. I know that…I’m sure Max is on the list, but I’m pretty sure he’s tied up, and also, I couldn’t see why you would leave a car that is that good.”

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