Artem Dalakian’s unbeaten streak shattered as six-year title reign comes to a controversial close

Artem Dalakian has shown the world for the past 13 years that he has enough of what it takes to stay undefeated until the age of 36. Joining boxing as a profession in 2011, he swiftly ascended to champion status within just two years, a testament to the caliber of this flyweight.

Since then, Artem Dalakian has proven himself capable of upholding a reputation as an undisputed fighter. He has defended the WBA Continental (Europe) title four times and successfully retained the WBA flyweight title on six occasions throughout his illustrious career.

Seigo Yuri Akui beats Artem Dalakian to win the WBA flyweight title

However, a significant setback occurred in Artem Dalakian’s career win streak on January 23, 2024, at the EDION Arena in Osaka, Japan. Seigo Yuri Akui stepped up to the challenge, facing Artem in a 12-round bout with the WBA flyweight title on the line.

Seigo shocked the world by ending Dalakian’s six-year undefeated reputation. Despite the 36-year-old taking the fight to the judges, his efforts were in vain as Akui secured a unanimous decision victory with scores of 116-112, 117-111, and 119-109 in his favor.

Ranked 4th as an underdog challenging the champion, Akui silenced critics with his jabs, body movement, constant pressure, and unorthodox boxing style. Despite the former champion displaying toughness and utilizing dodging skills and right-hand jabs, Artem Dalakian found it frustrating that each of his effective moves was countered by 2 to 3 better scoring moves from the side of the current champion.

However, Dalakian’s team members may contemplate protesting the decision. The judges for the contest—Raul Caiz Sr., Luis Pabon, and Guillermo Perez Pineda—are non-Japanese, and the team may look for an immediate rematch.

The boxing community has mixed reactions to Seigo Yuri Akui’s victory

Just like the controversial decision, Seigo Yuri Akui’s victory wasn’t able to impress many boxing fans, and they all gave mixed reactions to the end of Artem Dalakian’s title reign., who hadn’t faced defeat in the past 13 years.

One of the fans put direct blame on the officials and called it “robbery” for stealing the belt from the champion and giving it to a 28-year-old fighter.

Another combat sports community fan comes up with a big statement, commenting on the inactivity of the champion as he only fought 23 times in 14 years of time. He insinuated that the fighter was just clinging to the belts, avoiding any of the big fights, and heaped praise on the current champion.

“Good day for boxing. Getting rid of these inactive fighters that cling to the belts and have no intention of fighting the other champions and top fighters. Well done, Seigo.”

One fan, Romell Maquez, praised what happened on January 23rd, writing, “Finally, they took that belt away from Dalakian.”

It resembled the Anthony Joshua scenario, where, after securing 22 wins, he faced his first defeat following a dominant reign as the WBA champion. Similarly, Artem Dalakian, with 21 wins to his name, experienced his first loss in this instance.

Are you guys happy with the decision Artem Dalakian received last night?


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