Austin Reaves urges Lakers to stay grounded after falling short to Knicks despite LeBron James’ heroics

The Lakers, after achieving unprecedented success in the just-concluded in-season tournament, have found it difficult to translate their success to the regular season. Unfortunately, the team has experienced more defeats than wins recently, sparking varying opinions about the possible causes.

In awakening the Lakers’ spirit as woes persist, Austin Reave who is a top performer on the roster, has aired out his words of encouragement for the team, in the wake of the Knicks’ defeat despite LeBron’s outstanding performance.

Reaves encourages Lakers to refocus after their in-season tournament win

The Lakers’ recent loss to the New York Knicks by 114-109, has prompted the team’s star Austin Reaves to emphasize the need for the franchise to place its focus on the ongoing NBA regular season, and not focus on the in-season tournament’s victory.

Austin Reaves said, “It was cool to be a part of winning that… But now that’s over and we got to focus on the season and hopefully raise another one up at the end of the year.”

The Lakers ace Austin Reaves urges Lakers to stay grounded in the wake of a defeat to the Knicks amid James' heroics
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In his statement, Austin Reaves stressed that the in-season triumph was now in the past, emphasizing the team’s need to redirect its attention and efforts toward broader season goals. Meanwhile, after the in-season triumph, the Lakers unveiled a banner at Arena signifying their achievement.

Nevertheless, during the ceremony, the players appeared more determined to secure a much-needed victory over the Knicks but eventually suffered another defeat after the in-season’s glory. Sadly, it’s quite obvious that the Lakers haven’t been able to translate their in-season dominance to the regular season, as they have struggled greatly in subsequent outings, losing three out of four matchups so far.

LeBrons’ triple-double not enough as Lakers face defeat vs Knicks

During the Lakers matchup against the Knicks, which they eventually lost 109-114, LeBron James achieved another milestone in his impressive NBA career. LeBron achieved his 109th career triple-double in the Knicks’ matchup.

LeBron in the game, achieved an impressive 25 points, 11 assists, and 11 rebounds for the Lakers. LeBron’s double in the game, was the second in the season, and the only player to get one in his 21st NBA season.

The Lakers ace Austin Reaves urges Lakers to stay grounded in the wake of a defeat to the Knicks amid James' heroics
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Meanwhile, LeBron had scored back-to-back baskets to reduce the Knicks’ lead to 103-99 with 3:38 minutes left, but Randle, rattling home a desperate 3-pointer, beat the shot clock moments later. Unfortunately, LeBron missed a 3-pointer with just 40 seconds left, which could have trimmed the Knicks’ lead to 2 points.

Randle then took advantage at the other end with a thunderous dunk. Hence, while many would have expected LeBron’s triple-double to secure the Lakers’ win, Julius Randle’s 27 points with 14 rebounds, Immanuel Quickley’s 20 points, and Isaiah Hartenstein’s 9 points with 17 rebounds were much more than adequate for the Knicks’ victory, adding to the misery for the Lakers.

Additionally, aside from LeBron’s dazzle, Austin Reaves and Anthony Davis also provided solid performances with 20 points and 32 points respectively. However, the Lakers’ struggles in the regular season need urgent solutions by the franchise, whose upcoming matchups are against formidable opponents like the Bulls, Timberwolves, and Thunder.

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