Austin Theory gets the upper hand on Rey Mysterio ahead of WWE Payback after stunning tag team victory with Grayson Waller

On the August 11 episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Rey Mysterio shocked the world when he defeated Austin Theory to capture the United States Championship. He is now set to defend his title against Theory at Payback this Saturday. And in their match on SmackDown last night, Theory gained a much-needed momentum heading into their match.

Austin Theory was the longest-reigning United States Champion since Dean Ambrose in 2013. His 258-day long reign came to an end at the hands of Rey Mysterio, who captured the title for the third time in his career. Originally, LWO member Santos Escobar was supposed to face Theory for the US Championship. However, he was attacked twice by the champion prior to their match. This resulted in The Master of 619 filling in for his injured friend and went on to win the championship.

Austin Theory and Grayson Waller defeat Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar

On last week’s SmackDown, Rey Mysterio defeated Grayson Waller in singles action. He was helped by Santos Escobar, who prevented Austin Theory’s interference in the match. This week’s SmackDown featured a tag team match between the LWO members and Theory and Waller. And the heelish duo surprisingly came out on top in the match.

Rey Mysterio was in control at the beginning of the match and sent his opponents outside. Waller and Theory came back and worked on isolating the Hall of Famer. Rey tried to make the tag to Escobar, who was swiped off the apron by Waller, thus denying the tag. Before Rey finally made the tag, he got some crossbodies and a Frankensteiner on Waller, butTheory broke up the pinfall attempt.

Santos Escobar entered and landed a dropkick before Austin Theory took him down. Grayson Waller then hit a rolling cutter on Escobar, which won them the match. The heels winning the match gave Theory plenty of momentum before his match with Mysterio at Payback this Saturday.

Austin Theory seeks to dethrone Rey Mysterio as US champ

Ever since Rey Mysterio defeated Austin Theory to win the United States Championship, the former has been trying for weeks to get another shot at reclaiming his title. It was then announced that The Master of 619 would make his first defense of the title at Payback this Saturday against Austin Theory.

On the other hand, Grayson Waller has began feuding with the LWO, claiming that Rey Mysterio stole his teammate Santos Escobar’s opportunity to win the gold. Mysterio later defeated Waller in singles action last week. As Theory tried to interfere in the match, Escobar made the save and stopped him. This resulted into a tag team match between the four men on SmackDown last night, which was won by the heels. Prior to their match, Austin Theory took to X to declare that he would beat Rey Mysterio twice this weekend and take back his championship.

Stay tuned to watch the clash between Rey Mysterio and Austin Theory at Payback this Thursday, as The Master of 619 makes his first title defense in two years.

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