Backstage footage reveals CM Punk’s pep-talk that Cody Rhodes needed

WWE superstar CM Punk will miss the WrestleMania 40 event at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia due to an injury he suffered during the Royal Rumble match. Cody Rhodes and Punk were the last men in the match and eventually Rhodes eliminated Punk by throwing him over the rope.

In the recent edition of RAW, the ‘Best in the World’ announced that he would be away for a while and said that he would miss the WrestleMania event. In the backstage, both Cody Rhodes and CM Punk were later seen together, where Punk was seen giving pep talk to Cody.

CM Punk’s encouraging words to Cody Rhodes after WWE RAW

CM Punk shocked the world when he returned to WWE Survivor Series WarGames, and the Royal Rumble 2024 on January 27 was his first premium live event in a decade. Fans were left disappointed when ‘The Second City Saint’ announced the news of his injury. And how he will likely miss the event in Pennsylvania.

Later, after his promo, the 2-time World Champion bumped into Cody Rhodes, who hugged him. Punk smiled and said to Cody, “Finish your story, bro.” This implies that Cody is heading to WrestleMania and he should finish the story that he started a year ago against ‘The Tribal Chief’ Roman Reigns.

Fans found the interaction between both WWE stars heartwarming, and although the ‘Straight-Edge Superstar’ lost the battle royal against ‘The American Nightmare’, their respect and admiration for each other are still there, and Cody seeing him off as well as Punk giving him a pep talk was very heartwarming for the WWE universe.

WWE HOFer provides shrewd analysis of CM Punk’s injury

Former WWE wrestler Booker T recently recapped the Royal Rumble match on his YouTube video, the “Hall of Fame” podcast. During this, the Hall of Famer shared his view on CM Punk’s injury. What he basically analyzed is that Punk’s break from the sport might have been the reason for his injury.

According to the Champion of Champions, ‘The Second City Saint’ did not really hurt himself anywhere during the match. And that his body might just not be the way it was before he left WWE.

Booker said, “I didn’t see anything significant that CM Punk did in the Rumble where you go ‘Ow!’ I’ve taken a lot of bumps in the ring and the only time it hurt was when I said ‘Ow!’. We were in Canada and I was doing a promo, but all I did was point and I tore my tricep right off the bone. I mean, something as simple as that? I think CM Punk’s probably been getting hurt more just because he’s been out of the ring that long. It’s not like getting on a bicycle. I can only imagine being out of this for eight years and then coming back.”

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