Barcelona boss Xavi claims La Liga officials made ‘another mistake’ following Vitor Roque’s controversial red card

Barcelona fans have certainly not been having a good season, with the Catalans struggling to compete on the pitch. With manager Xavi also deciding to leave, the team was desperate for some good news. It came in the form of new signing Vitor Roque, who has shown his ability on the pitch.

The Brazilian striker has scored two goals in the last two games as a substitute, which have helped Barcelona win those games. But the last game saw him earn a red card, which Xavi thinks was undeserved.

Vitor Roque receives contentious red card

Vitor Roque struggled to make an impact in the beginning but has now shown to be quite a revelation. He scored his first goal as the winner in the 1-0 victory over Osasuna as a substitute. It was just one minute after he arrived on the pitch. He then again scored in the 3-1 victory against Alaves yesterday, within 4 minutes of his substitution on the pitch.

But just a short while after the goal, he was shown a yellow card by the referee for a challenge on an opponent. But he will be given another yellow card followed by a red card in the process, after a very soft challenge is done. The striker had only gone for a loose ball and managed to accidentally clip the shin of an opponent. The red card means he played only 13 minutes, but it was quite an eventful cameo from the Brazilian.

While many fans felt that the challenge was very weak and accidental as well to earn another yellow card, the referee deemed otherwise. It means that Roque’s short introduction to Spanish soccer is cut short, with him expected to miss the next game against Granada. However, Barcelona is said to be appealing it, as they believe that a red card was uncalled for.

Xavi slams La Liga refs

And it seems that manager Xavi is the one most angered by the decision to give a red card to Vitor Roque. Already being quite critical of Spanish refereeing in the past, he once again did not hold back in yesterday’s post-game press conference.

He blatantly pointed out the referee’s constant mistakes against his team: “I only ask the referees to let us compete in the League. The red card of Vitor Roque is another mistake. It’s one more against Barca. The reality is already being seen by everyone.”

The Spaniard further felt that the recent refereeing scandals against the club could be the reason: “We are paying for the Negreira case, that’s the reality. That’s what I feel.” 

Barcelona will now prepare for their next game against Granada in La Liga on Monday, with the possible inclusion of Vitor Roque depending on whether his red card is repealed.

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