Barcelona manager Xavi accused La Liga referees of favoring Real Madrid: “Something is not right”

The La Liga title race is heating up between Barcelona and Real Madrid, especially off the field. Xavi managed to inspire his team to a 4-2 win over Real Betis, while their rivals in Madrid got a great comeback victory over Almeria. However, that match was very controversial due to a number of referee decisions going in favor of Madrid.

This has prompted a lot of criticism of the league’s apparent favoritism towards Real Madrid, with Almeria players and coaching staff protesting after the game. And it seems the same sentiment is shared by others as well.

Xavi takes sly dig at Real Madrid

Real Madrid had gone down by 2 goals at the end of the first half. In the second half, Almeria were denied a third goal due to a previous alleged foul, while Vinicius Jr. seemed to score the second goal with his hand. They were also awarded a penalty, which was also a controversial decision. Despite the use of VAR, all the decisions by the referees seemed to be controversial.

Many believe that Madrid were clearly favored by the referees, and this has caused much controversy over the integrity of the league. As a rival manager, Barcelona boss Xavi was asked by the media about his opinions after his side beat Real Betis 4-2.

The Spaniard did not hesitate to express his true feelings, saying, “The Madrid game? If I talk about it I will get suspended. Everyone saw what happened. Since the Getafe game, I’ve known that something is not right. It will be very hard to win the league.”

This is a serious accusation by the Barca boss about a direct rival in the La Liga title race. It also comes at a time when Barcelona are struggling to lessen the gap between them and league leaders Girona and Real Madrid. If Real had lost yesterday, it would have been a boost to the Catalan giants, which explains why they are not happy about the referee’s decisions in that game.

Xavi not happy with multiple ref’s decision this season

Xavi did not just stop with the opinion that Madrid were favored, but also pointed out that his side were being sabotaged by the referees. He pointed out many instances where his side were affected by the referee’s wrong decisions.

According to Xavi, they would be 6 points better if decisions were given fairly against them, “We would have had six more points if things were done correctly…We have the penalty in Getafe, then in Vallecas, the goal in Granada by Joao Félix.” It is clear that he believes that his side are being deliberately sabotaged by the referees.

He remained optimistic and promised to fight back, though reiterating his belief that it would be very hard. “We continue in the fight. There are 18 points left and it remains to be seen how far we will go, but there are things we cannot control . Everyone saw it today.”

Xavi and Barcelona will now prepare for their next game against Athletic Club in the Copa del Rey quarter finals on Thursday.

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