Becky Lynch teases ‘winner takes all’ title matchup with Rhea Ripley at WWE WrestleMania 40

Becky Lynch, currently the most popular women’s wrestler in the entire wrestling industry, recently captured the NXT Women’s Championship by defeating Tiffany Stratton, achieving Grand Slam Champion status. With numerous accomplishments to her name, fans are now wondering what’s next for Big Time Becks.

Currently, The Man is putting her title on the line in open challenge matches and is scheduled to face Tiffany Stratton in an Extreme Rules match at NXT No Mercy. If she manages to retain her championship, she will likely use her status to provide more opportunities to the next generation of female superstars, especially Jade Cargill, who recently joined WWE.

Becky Lynch talks on potential bout vs Rhea Ripley

In a recent interview with India Today earlier this month, Rhea Ripley talked about a potential feud with Becky Lynch in the future. She praised The Man for making a name for herself in the company, and said that she expects a huge challenge from Lynch in WrestleMania 40. She said the following in the interview:

“I expect a huge challenge from the Man, Becky. She has definitely made her a name for herself in this company. She’s accomplished so much. She’s going down in history, as one of the best. And she will 110 percent be in the Hall of Fame one day. She really has made her own legacy. But at the end of the day, when you step in the ring with Mami, it’s a whole different sort of challenge. And if it were to be myself and Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 40, you know, I invite that challenge.”

Becky Lynch took notice of Ripley’s invitation for a match, referring to The Enforcer of Judgment Day as a dream opponent. In an interview with USA Today, Lynch mentioned that they could potentially face off in a Champion vs. Champion: Winner Takes All match at the April Extravaganza next year.

“Maybe it will be championship for championship, winner takes all. We’ll see”, said Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch against Rhea Ripley feud explained

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley each commented on the possibility of facing each other in a match at WrestleMania, with both of them saying that it would be a dream match if they squared off. The two women have faced each other in the ring only once in their careers, and that was back in 2019 at WWE NXT.

Despite Ripley’s dominant title reign, neither superstar has been involved in an interesting rivalry for a long time. Ripley seems to be spending more time with Dominik Mysterio and the Judgement Day than defending her championship. On the other hand, Lynch had a drawn-out feud with Trish Stratus that ended at Payback, with only a few matches between them.

Now that both Rhea Ripley and Becky Lynch have expressed interest in facing each other, it’s up to WWE to book these two champions in a dream match, which would undoubtedly make for a great rivalry. It will be interesting to see if they decide to book this match. Stay tuned for further updates on WWE.


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