Bradley Beal’s Olympic hopes dashed as Suns star misses USA basketball pool

With the 2024 Olympics on the horizon, the names for Team USA were recently announced. However, it seems that Phoenix Suns star Bradley Beal has once again missed the chance to fulfill his long-desired dream.

It is sad to see that Beal did not make it to the list despite being an active scorer in the league. The fact that he has expressed a strong desire to compete as part of the national team makes his exclusion once again particularly disappointing for the Suns star.

Beal’s disappointment, tough choices for team USA

Bradley Beal faced disappointment once again as he was excluded from the 2024 Olympic squad for Team USA. A 41-player pool list was released on Tuesday, naming all the players eligible to participate in the 2024 Olympics.

Unfortunately, Beal was not included, marking the second time he has missed out on this opportunity. Despite being a consistent scorer in the league, averaging 18.0 points per game in his first season with the Suns, Beal’s Olympic aspirations remain unfulfilled.

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Grant Hill, the MD for USA Basketball recently spoke on the excluded players, “It is a difficult exercise because we have a lot of talented players and so many guys who could make an argument for being on the list.”

In the 2020 Olympics which were held in 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Beal was given a chance to compete for Team USA but due to his bad luck, he was placed under COVID Protocol and had to miss out on that opportunity.

Injuries influence decision-making

Bradley Beal has definitely been a solid player in recent years. However, injuries have been a recurring challenge for the Suns star. He made a comeback from an injury just a few months ago and formed a formidable trio with Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. The Suns have been in a favorable position since then, but the recurring issue of injuries for Beal cannot be overlooked.

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This factor alone likely influenced the decision of the managing board of USA Basketball in leaving Beal out of the 41-player list. The board’s decision is understandable, as taking an injury-prone player to a significant event like the Olympics poses a considerable risk, especially when there are numerous talented players to choose from.

It is a disappointing reality for Bradley Beal fans who wanted to see their favorite player fulfill his dream. However, both the Suns star and the fans have no choice but to accept it.

What are your thoughts on the players selected for Team USA in the Olympics? Do you believe Bradley Beal should have been given a chance despite his injury history? We are eager to hear your thoughts, so please drop down in the comments and share your opinion.

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