“Bro is middle class”: Brock Purdy’s roommate revelation shocks NFL fans amidst 49ers’ success

Starting his NFL career with a humorous title “Mr. Irrelevant”, the San Fransisco 49er’s Brock Purdy apparently took a vow to prove his team’s perception of his ability wrong. Hence, in just one season, he came out as “Mr. Dependable” for their offense.

In spite of being a popular hot topic for a serious injury, Purdy did not lose his dazzling super foot power, and already with his leadership, the 49ers have topped them with a 4-0 start. However, amid his glamorous on-field accolades, one of his off-field actions stunned the NFL world that he revealed recently.

 49ers’ QB Brock Purdy’s roommate confession

The 49ers hero of the season Brock Purdy recently revealed in an interview that he still shares rooms with one of the offensive linemen of his team. The news came as an utter surprise for the NFL world as his competitor quarterbacks in the leagues are making headlines for their luxurious apartments.

Patrick Mahomes owns a lavish estate with a huge pool, a sizable private pond, and even half a football field. Joe Burrow is the owner of a 2,661-square-foot home with four bedrooms.

Nevertheless, this demonstrates how grounded Brock is as a person. He also disclosed that, unlike other quarterbacks, he still drives his Toyota Sequoia and does not have a good collection of vehicles.

“I still have a roommate, one of the offensive linemen here,” Purdy said in a recent interview. “He and I are still splitting rent. I still drive my Toyota Sequoia.”

However, the NFL fans remained quick to respond to his honest revelation.

“Bro is middle class in the bay”, one fan commented.

Brock Purdy is still bound by the terms of the four-year rookie deal he signed before to the current campaign. The deal is less than the top quarterbacks in the league, but it is still worth $3,737,008 and comes with a respectable $77,008 signing bonus. Consequently, several of his followers asked them to provide him endorsements.

One fan reposted, “My man needs some endorsements.”

Maybe his impressive athleticism will persuade the 49ers to offer their quarterback a sizable contract soon. If it doesn’t occur during this season, it might do so soon.

 San Francisco 49ers off to a perfect 4-0 start

The Niners joined Bill Belichick’s New England Patriots as the NFL’s final two unbeaten teams on Monday night at Levi’s Stadium when they blasted the Cleveland Browns 31-3 in their Week 4 encounter. The 49ers now have a league-high 49 wins of this nature, breaking their previous mark of 48.

For the first time in 29 years, the 49ers unfurled hope for a successful season with their stunning 4-0 start.

Brock Purdy
The Boston Globe

They are now the only NFC team with a perfect record through the first five weeks of the season. With their 49 consecutive Monday Night Football game wins, they are now the only team to accomplish the feat.

Already the Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones had predicted the team of Brock Purdy as the winner of the Lombardi Trophy this season, after seeing their dominance on both sides of the ball. In offense while they have Purdy to remain assured for making scores, on the defense they have super weapons like Nick Bosa to destroy the opposite team’s offense within seconds.

Do you also predict the 49ers as the Super Bowl winner for this season? Let us know in the comment box.

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