Brock Lesnar’s WWE return: will the “beast incarnate” be at the Royal Rumble?

Brock Lesnar is expected to return to the WWE Universe soon after being absent following his defeat to Cody Rhodes at WWE Summer Slam 2023. It has been highly anticipated for several months that he would come back this month to participate in the build-up to the Royal Rumble 2024 event.

According to recent reports, it has been confirmed that Lesnar will compete in the Men’s Royal Rumble match along with other stars such as Cody Rhodes, CM Punk, Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Lashley, Drew McIntyre, and Gunther.

Is Brock Lesnar returning at Royal Rumble?

Brock Lesnar has not appeared on WWE TV since the SummerSlam premium live event, where he faced off against Cody Rhodes. However, it seems his absence may be coming to an end soon. At SummerSlam, Rhodes scored a significant victory over Lesnar, putting on an impressive performance. Following the match, Lesnar celebrated with Rhodes, giving the American Nightmare a strong endorsement.

There have been reports that Brock Lesnar will be returning to WWE this year. Additionally, a WrestleMania 40 promo featuring him was spotted on a production truck. As the Royal Rumble is coming up on January 27th, it is possible that Brock Lesnar might make an appearance on the next episode of Monday Night RAW.

During his appearance on “Wrestling Observer Radio,” Dave Meltzer suggested that this week may not be the best time for Brock Lesnar to make his return, given the competition from football games and the Emmy Awards, which could lead to lower ratings. Meltzer speculated that if Lesnar is scheduled to make his return for the Royal Rumble, the following week is more likely to be the appropriate time for his return. Additionally, he assumed Lesnar’s involvement in the Rumble and any storyline involving him would be shot during the event itself.

“Maybe next week. I would think this would not be the week to have Brock Lesnar return, given this might be one of the lower-rated shows considering they went against the football games and the Emmy Awards. If he’s going to return for the Rumble, next week would be the week. If he is going to return after, it could be a couple of weeks later. I would presume he’s in the Rumble and I presume any angle he’s going to take would be shot in The Rumble itself.” said Meltzer.

How many Royal Rumbles has Brock Lesnar won?

WWE superstar Brock Lesnar has won two Royal Rumbles in his whole wrestling career. In 2022, at the Royal Rumble event, Lesnar was determined to defeat Bobby Lashley and win the WWE Championship title. Despite receiving a few brutal spears from his opponent, Lesnar managed to overpower Lashley with his signature move, the F5. However, during the match, Lesnar accidentally knocked out the referee, leaving no one to count when he pinned Lashley down.

Before 2022, Brock Lesnar also won the Royal Rumble in 2003. It was his first time participating in the event and he made an impressive debut by taking home the victory. Lesnar entered the contest at number 29 and managed to eliminate four superstars by throwing them off the top rope. He ultimately defeated The Undertaker in the final round to secure his win. Following his victory, Lesnar faced off against Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 19.

Lesnar didn’t compete in a Royal Rumble after 2003 for almost 13 years. He finally re-entered the grand contest in 2016, hoping to capture the WWE Championship. Unfortunately, the Wyatt family eliminated him. In 2020, Lesnar had another dominant Rumble performance, eliminating the first thirteen entrants. However, he couldn’t stay until the end and was thrown out by Drew McIntyre.

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