Brock Purdy silences critics as Michael Vick & Robert Griffin III praise MVP caliber performance

San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback, Brock Purdy, has already etched his name in NFL history by achieving an incredible 5-0 record in his first two years with the team. Emerging from the shadows of being the last overall pick and earning the tongue-in-cheek moniker of “Mr. Irrelevant,” his ascent to the starting position speaks volumes about his caliber.

Initially met with skepticism from fans and analysts alike, Purdy silenced doubters with a string of stellar performances. Despite a recent setback for the 49ers in Week 16, his offensive prowess remained impressive. His remarkable display has even garnered praise from former NFL stars Michael Vick and Robert Griffin III, who lauded his MVP-like performances.

Robert Griffin III and Vick’s vote of confidence

In the NFL, the distinction between a game manager and a game changer often sparks endless debates. Recently, Robert Griffin III and Michael Vick took the ‘RGIII and The Ones,’ podcast to discuss this topic, using it as a platform to praise the prowess of Brock Purdy.

When the question of whether the 49ers QB falls into the category of a game manager arose, Vick’s response was unequivocal: “no.” He highlighted Mr. Irrelevant’s capacity to maneuver the pocket effortlessly, make crucial plays while on the move, and convert challenging third-down situations into game-altering moments. By mentioning these strengths, Vick said Purdy isn’t just managing the game, rather he is changing it.

“I’ve seen Brock Purdy maneuver the pocket and make some plays on the run. Pull it down, 3rd-and-6, 3rd-and-7 and make a play. That’s not game managing, that’s changing.”

Griffin echoed Vick’s sentiments by affirming Brock’s status as a game changer. Sharing their conversation on social media, the ex-NFL star didn’t shy away from dismissing the notion of the 49ers young star being merely a product of a system. He also urged sports enthusiasts to appreciate the QB’s journey.

‘I think he is a game changer. Michael Vick believes Brock Purdy is a top 5 QB and a not just a system QB. I agree and the truth is one bad game doesn’t change the fact that Brock Purdy has had an MVP caliber year. Stop the Brock Hate and enjoy his underdog story”, he said Niner Noise.

The significance of this conversation lies not only in the praise lavished upon Brock Purdy but also in the stature of those extolling his abilities. Vick, celebrated as one of the NFL’s most impactful game changers during his prime, and Griffin, the Offensive Rookie of the Year in 2012, possess extensive knowledge of what it takes to excel at the highest level of football. Their endorsement is surely going to boost the signal-caller in this tough period.

One bad game doesn’t define an MVP

With two interceptions and a failure to score a touchdown for the first time in his 20-game career, Brock Purdy’s performance against the Baltimore Ravens was subpar. Four interceptions, a scoreless performance, and an overall struggle against the Ravens formidable defense led to his odds slipping in the MVP race. Now, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson leads the MVP odds at -170, and Purdy has the fourth-best odds to secure the title at +1200.

Brock Purdy
San Francisco Chronicle

However, one must question whether such a single game should wield such immense influence in evaluating a player’s season-long performance. Brock Purdy’s contribution to the 49ers throughout the season extends beyond the pitfalls of the single loss against the Ravens. Leading the league in yards per attempt as a passer at 9.7 yards is no trivial feat at all.

Besides that, the cost-effective signal-caller has been responsible for a significant portion of his team’s offensive output by contributing to 57.4% of the touchdowns and demonstrating versatility with 3.7 yards per carry. To dismiss such a candidate based solely on one subpar game would be unjust, but if other players overshadow his performance, then the race can be tough for him.


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