Caleb Williams’ recent social media action speaks volumes about his draft wish

Former USC Trojans’ quarterback Caleb Williams made waves in collegiate football, and caught the attention of NFL teams long before the draft. Teams are closely monitoring his every move, and the quarterback’s decision to chart his own course in the NFL draft process. He also exuded huge confidence before the draft by skipping parts of the NFL Combine in 2024.

The former Heisman Trophy winner’s bold move reflects his belief in his skills and potential as the probable top pick in this year’s draft. His recent social media activity hints at his aspirations.

Caleb Williams reinforces draft speculation with recent social media activity

Caleb Williams continues to make waves in the NFL draft speculation pool, especially with his potential draft speculation with the Chicago Bears. Following the Bears’ bold acquisition of six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Keenan Allen, Williams took notice and indirectly expressed his thoughts.

Williams gave his nod of approval by liking a post on social media praising Allen’s skills and dubbing the trade “crazy.” This subtle gesture indicates his recognition of the Bears’ aggressive pursuit of strengthening their roster for a win-now mentality.

The signal-caller also indirectly addressed comparisons between himself and Justin Fields. Despite some speculation fueled by Hall of Famer Devin Hester’s preference for Fields, the Bears’ decision to part ways with Fields solidifies Williams’ position as the presumptive top pick for the team.

However, any potential comparison between the two quarterbacks has been rendered moot as the Bears traded Fields to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Fields is out of the picture, and will serve as Russell Wilson’s backup, who welcomed him cordially.

Meanwhile, Caleb Williams remains the focal point of the Bears’ quarterback plans. The team is showing no inclination to trade down, and all eyes are on him as the potential franchise quarterback for the Bears.

Caleb Williams opens up about his draft preparation

Caleb Williams is embracing a unique approach to his draft preparation. The spotlight shines brightly on him, but he is finding solace in unexpected places, notably in the animated movie Madagascar.

There is only a month left until the draft in Detroit, but Williams appears remarkably composed despite the mounting pressure. He gave the credit to Madagascar.

“Nah, I just laugh at it all. Because they know as well as I do. So I laugh and just keep walking. I smile and wave – as they said in Madagascar!” he said via TMSPN.

The former USC star is absolutely thrilled about the upcoming draft, as it’s like a childhood dream coming true for him. He appears unaffected by the attention, opting instead for a cheerful approach to the ongoing speculation about his future.

The quarterback discussed his daily routine, showcasing his strong commitment to his craft. He prioritizes his rigorous workouts and hours of film study over any social media distractions.

Golf has become a possible hobby for Williams, thanks to the support and encouragement of USC coach Lincoln Riley. Although Williams admits to not being particularly skilled at golf, they view it as a calming pastime and an opportunity to connect with their teammates. Golf provides a refreshing change of pace and a much-needed respite from the rigors of draft preparation for him. He thoroughly enjoys the competitiveness of the sport and eagerly anticipates immersing himself in it even more in the future.


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