Caleb Williams talks on future ambitions prior to NFL Draft 2024: “I get drafted by the Bears, I’ll be excited”

Caleb Williams had already garnered so much attention by dint of his college career that even Deion Sanders prevented his son from declaring draft for the USC star. Nevertheless, amid this intense situation, the starter declared his intention to go to the NFL, even without the help of an agent.

With speculation swirling about his potential landing spot in the NFL, Williams recently offered insights into his mindset as he prepares for the next chapter of his football journey. 

Caleb Williams talks on NFL Draft 2024

During his first phone interview with Pete Thamel of ESPN, Caleb Williams revealed his excitement for the upcoming NFL draft, mentioning that it has been his lifelong dream since a young age.

“This is what I’ve been preparing for my whole life. Since I was 10 or 11, this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. At that age until now, it basically feels like your whole life.”

Amidst speculations about which team would select him in the draft, rumors circulated that the Chicago Bears might choose him as the first overall pick. At a time, rumors were also rife that he did not want to be drafted by the Bears, but his camp soon dismissed the rumors.

During the interview, Thamel pressed him about his mindset if he gets drafted by the Bears. Likewise, his camp, the college star also promptly dispelled any notions that he harbored reservations about joining the Bears, emphasizing his openness to any team.

“If I get drafted by the Bears, I’ll be excited. If they trade the pick, and I get drafted by someone else, I’m just as excited. Speaking about Chicago, they have a talented team, a talented offense and defense. For anyone to be in that situation, I think they’d be excited.”

The Chicago Bears’ leadership remains tight-lipped about their quarterback strategy for the upcoming 2024 season. However, Bears’ general manager Ryan Poles conceded on Tuesday that the organization might entertain the possibility of dealing with Fields.

Caleb Williams reveals future aspirations

During his exclusive interview, Caleb Williams shared insights into his aspirations beyond the game. The 22-year-old reflected on the legends of the NFL, sharing that his true goal is not centered around monetary gains or fame but to achieve immortality in football.

He also expressed a deep desire to be remembered as a legend, earned through hard work and dedication to the game he loves.

“I’m 22. I didn’t really get to see those players. As the saying goes, the legends live on. That’s my goal of playing football it’s not money, it’s not fame, it’s to be immortal. I want to reach that sense of being a legend. Being at the table and having a rightful seat through hard work and energy and time I’ve put into this game that we all love.”

In the later part of his interview, the USC star shared the appeal of joining a city with a rich football history. To convey his desire, he also expressed respect for the legends who have set standards for excellence.

“It’s appealing to be in a city like that. With legends that you’ve looked up to reach for the standard they set and try to do anything to get there.”

Throughout his career with Oklahoma and USC, Williams shared his accomplishments, including 93 touchdown passes and 14 interceptions. He also exhibited his versatility by putting forward his 10,082 passing yards, 966 rushing yards, and 27 rushing touchdowns accumulated over three seasons.

What is your prediction for the highly touted quarterback heading into the 2024 NFL draft?

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