Canelo Alvarez claims Golden Boy Promotions ‘need to help’ Ryan Garcia to overcome adversity

Ryan Garcia, the former WBC interim lightweight champion, has been allegedly having trouble with his mental health for some time now. Scheduled to fight Devin Haney on April 20, the boxing community expects the boxer to seek help for his mental struggles.

Canelo Alvarez, a former training partner of Garcia has now made his thoughts known on the situation. Will Ryan Garcia succumb to his struggles or will people close to him do the necessary to bring him back to his senses for the fight against Haney?

Canelo Alvarez believes Ryan Garcia needs help

Many in the combat sports community have made suggestions to help Ryan Garcia overcome his mental struggles. Jake Shields, a former UFC veteran, suggested Garcia stop using weed to overcome the struggles. KSI wanted the fight between Garcia and Devin Haney to be scrapped.

Recently, Canelo Alvarez made his thoughts known in his interview for Fight Hub TV’s YouTube channel. “I think in my mind, going, says, ‘Help Ryan because he’s a good kid. He’s a good person. You need to help them, help him.’ And the people around him need to help him,” said Alvarez who put the onus on the personnel at Golden Boy Promotions to help Garcia.

“So, I feel a little sad for him because, you know, he needs to have good people around him to say, ‘Hey Ryan, let’s go. Let’s take it easy, slow down.’ And then we see,” Alvarez further said of what the people should be advising the 25-year-old boxer.

Bernard Hopkins and Oscar De La Hoya, the two top dogs at Golden Boy Promotions have a contentious relationship with Garcia. Nonetheless, Garcia is still contractually obliged to be with the promotions.

Ryan Garcia’s ongoing battle with mental health

Ryan Garcia has been acting strange after he was scheduled to fight Devin Haney. Garcia made a series of social media posts that even made Andrea Celina, his ex-wife, urge fans to help Garcia as she felt her ex-husband was not mentally well.

Garcia even revealed that he was kidnapped, and his family was threatened by ‘devil worshipers’. Moreover, he even endorsed that ‘The Bohemian Grove‘ controversy was real and even alluded that Prime Hydration of Logan Paul and KSI is also the ‘work of the devil.’

The New York State Athletic Commission wanted to conduct a psychological evaluation of Garcia, but the boxer threatened to sue the commission. George Janko, a YouTube influencer, also offered to help Garcia but the boxer felt disrespected.

Garcia also called out Jake Paul to a fight and even vowed to end the career of the crossover boxer. At the time, Paul discredited the callout and even alluded that Garcia did what he did due to the effects of alleged cocaine use, per MMA Fighting.

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