Carl Froch savagely fires back at John Fury for getting upset over criticism: “I’m not kissing Tyson’s a***”

One of the pioneers of British boxing, Carl Froch hasn’t lost his love for the game and is still getting involved in many debates. Recently, an incident involving Tyson Fury’s father made the former WBA respond with a harsh comment.

John Fury expressed displeasure when Carl Froch mentioned Tyson Fury’s name during a discussion. It looks like things got so serious from Tyson Fury’s side that Carl Froch finally had to address the issue.

Carl Froch harshly claps back at John Fury

Over the course of his career, Froch fought in the super-middleweight division. He has since transitioned into the role of a commentator and analyst, sharing his insights and predictions about boxing matches. Even a few months ago, Carl Forch predicted Fury’s past opponent, Deontay Wilder, would fight Anthony Joshua.

While he is usually forthright in his assessments, his criticism of Tyson Fury’s resume led to a war of words between him and the Fury camp.

Responding to an upset John Fury, Carl Froch wanted to make it clear that he wasn’t trying to belittle Tyson Fury’s achievements to make himself look better. Froch pointed out that he had won against 11 champions during his career, while his son Tyson had defeated only 4 champions so far.

“He called me a has-been. That comes from somebody who was a never-been… I don’t need to discredit Tyson Fury to make my career look better. Tyson’s got four wins over world champions, I’ve got 11… You said I should be kissing his a**. Here lies the problem – because I’m not kissing his a** you’re getting upset… You’re supposed to be thick-skinned, a big hard man, a fighting man, but you can’t take criticism.”

Froch suggested that John Fury was upset because he wasn’t praising Tyson excessively. Later, Froch reminded the 59-year-old John Fury to handle criticism better and to act like a tough fighter with thick skin.

What did John Fury say in his blistering Carl Froch rant?

In an interview with Boxing Social, John Fury expressed his anger and launched insults at Carl Froch for criticizing his son’s boxing record. Fury accused Froch of mentioning the WBC champion’s name for selfish reasons and to boost his own career in the eyes of the boxing community.

“At the end of the day, [Carl Froch] got to discredit to make [himself] look better… He’s a first-class s**house and wants to kick up the a**. He should kiss Tyson’s boots, that b*m… No one wants to know about a has-been. And that’s all these people are, has-beens… You’re a b*m, Carl Froch. And keep my son’s name out of your f**king mouth because you ain’t good enough to kiss his f**king a**,” John Fury vehemently said.

Fury used derogatory language, referring to Froch as a “S**house,” and suggested that Froch should kiss Tyson Fury’s boot. He emphasized the term “has-been” to convey that nobody is interested in Froch’s career. John Fury warned Froch not to use his son’s name again to boost his own image and stated that Froch doesn’t deserve to be associated with Tyson Fury.

Do you think John Fury’s comments were justified by Carl Froch’s analysis?

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