Carlos Sainz labels 2024 as pivotal in his F1 career before Lewis Hamilton replace him at Ferrari

In the wake of Lewis Hamilton’s definite move to the Ferrari team for the 2025 season, the situation has presented challenges for the Spanish driver, Carlos Sainz, who finds himself still driving for the team that replaced him this year.

Nevertheless, Sainz has decided not to linger on negative thoughts. Instead, he is determined to give his best, showcasing how his presence could potentially improve the team’s overall performance.

Carlos Sainz claims 2024 to be his pivotal year in F1 career

Carlos Sainz has dealt with a huge shock ahead of the upcoming 2024 season, with Lewis Hamilton replacing his precious position in Ferrari and thus having only one year to cherish the moments with the team and his teammate, Charles Leclerc.

However, the Spaniard has decided to not be entirely negative about the whole situation and instead give his best while he is at it. The 29-year-old has made it extremely clear that the 2024 F1 campaign will be the most important season of his entire career.

In a recent interview with AS, he said, “I’m fine, it’s true that it’s been a very intense two weeks for everyone at home, in Maranello, but I’m focusing on preparing for this season, which is very important for Ferrari. This year, as in the previous nine, is the most important year of my career. I approach each year like this and more at Ferrari.”

Despite losing his Ferrari seat, Sainz has the chance to outperform fellow drivers on the grid this season, particularly considering that, apart from Max Verstappen, he was the sole driver to secure a victory in the previous season.

What does Lewis Hamilton’s 2025 Ferrari move mean for Carlos Sainz?

Hamilton’s permanent transfer to Ferrari automatically leaves a vacant main driver position at Mercedes. Considering Sainz’s overall improvement within the past few years, there is a possibility of Mercedes trying to fill up the huge gap with the Spaniard. There is also a rapid circulation of rumours suggesting Fernando Alonso’s transfer to Mercedes by the conclusion of this season. If that occurs, Sainz would have two options: either get transferred to Aston Martin or give importance to Audi’s proposal of a multi-year extension contract.

Yet, if that does not materialize as well, there is also a rising possibility of Sergio Perez getting replaced by the 29-year-old within the near future due to his continuous underperformance. Since the outbreak of Hamilton’s transfer news, fans have been looking forward to witnessing Sainz’s decision for the 2025 season.

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