Carlos Sainz sheds light on F1 future after Ferrari signs Lewis Hamilton: “I will give my absolute best”

The motorsports community was taken aback by a surprising development that unfolded on Thursday, revealing Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari for the 2025 season. The announcement sparked widespread disbelief among spectators, triggering questions about whether Carlos Sainz was aware of the news beforehand.

Initially, the media speculated that Sainz would be furious about the news, which is a common reaction. However, the Spanish driver has been vocal in addressing the entire situation, which has put a significant halt to those predictions.

Carlos Sainz talks on F1 future

Carlos Sainz, who has been working with Scuderia Ferrari since 2021, was the only individual to secure a massive victory last year. In his entire driving career, the Spaniard had to switch to multiple teams in a short period of time, starting from Torro Rosso to Renault, McLaren, and then finally Ferrari. Despite being stable in his position as the main driver for two consecutive years, Sainz had to hear the painful news of his guaranteed replacement within one year, none other than the renowned seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton.

The 29-year-old became the centre of controversial topics, which also involved questioning his driving capabilities on the grid. Additionally, many have also been speculating that Sainz was already aware of the news beforehand; however, this was impossible because he was already demanding a multi-year contract extension from Ferrari for a long time, which the team refused to give repeatedly. It was mainly because Ferrari had already been devising plans by then to bring Lewis Hamilton to their team within the conclusion of the Spaniard’s contract.

The Spanish driver has revealed a statement which did not include any hate speech or symbols but rather addressed the situation professionally, in which he wrote

“Following today’s news, Scuderia Ferrari and myself will part ways at the end of 2024.”

“We still have a long season ahead of us, and, like always, I will give my absolute best for the team and for the Tifosi all around the world. News about my future will be announced in due course.”

George Russell pays tribute to Lewis Hamilton

George Russell has also expressed tribute to Lewis Hamilton for keeping their teammate bond on track while it lasts. The duo has been driving together since 2022, and in these two years, both of them have significantly improved in handling troublesome situations together as a team.

Almost a day after the news of Hamilton’s departure, the British driver wrote an emotional statement for Hamilton, which left the spectators in tears as it portrayed their togetherness in the team. In the Twitter post, he wrote, “It’s been special racing alongside you, @lewishamilton. Let’s make this season one to remember.”

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