CeeDee Lamb’s mother Leta Ramirez’s opinion on Dak Prescott divides NFL fans

Over the years in the NFL, Dak Prescott has made a name for himself as being one of the most potent quarterbacks going around. His performances for the Dallas Cowboys have made it more than obvious that he is a serious threat to opposition defenses when he is at the peak of his powers.

However, this year’s shaky playoff performance for the Dallas Cowboys has swayed the opinion of many of his fanatics, and that includes Leta Ramirez, the mother of Dak’s teammate Ceedee Lamb.

CeeDee Lamb’s mother causes quite a stir with Dak Prescott remark

This season, Dak Prescott’s performances set the tone for a deep run into the playoffs for the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out quite as hoped as the Cowboys slumped to a defeat at the hands of the Green Bay Packers in the NFL Wild Card Game.

Dak Prescott proceeded to take the entire blame for the defeat along with his head coach, but that didn’t subside the wave of people calling for his head after the agonizing defeat. Leta Ramirez, the mother of Cowboys WR Ceedee Lamb, took to Twitter to voice her opinions on the franchise QB.

In a scathing post on Facebook, Ramirez said, “Dak ain’t it,” raising questions about the ability of the franchise QB. She then proceeded to say, “They need to get rid of his ass.. It’s guys on that team that want a RING! They work too hard.. he don’t want to win a RING!”

CeeDee Lamb’s mother praises CJ Stroud

Under this remark about Dak Prescott, someone replied that her son, Ceedee Lamb, should return to the Houston Texans is he wants to win a Super Bowl Ring. Leta Ramirez replied, “shit I wish he would! CJ is great,” expressing how much she wishes for her son to be in a championship-contending side like the Houston Texans, under the leadership of the widely-acclaimed Rookie CJ Stroud.

However, some people were still of the opinion that Ceedee Lamb’s career at WR has skyrocketed because of the presence of Prescott. One user commented, “I mean CeeDee was only top 3 in nearly every single receiving category and broke a couple Cowboys single season records with Dak at QB, AND CeeDee is on his way to making $20+ million a year. But sure Dak is ruining his career.”

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