Charges OC Joe Horitz confident WR Quentin Johnston to “make the jump” after impressive rookie NFL season

Amid the flurry of changes this offseason, the Los Angeles Chargers made waves by overhauling their leadership, with both the head coach and general manager positions undergoing a transformation. They recruited Jim Harbaugh from Michigan University as head coach, while Joe Hortiz stepped into the role of general manager.

After that, the Chargers wasted no time in initiating a roster overhaul. Nevertheless, despite the roster shuffle, one player who has managed to retain the attention of the Chargers’ management is Quentin Johnston, due to his stellar rookie season performance.

Joe Hortiz expects strong second season from Quentin Johnston

Chargers’ offensive coordinator, Joe Hortiz, recently shared his thoughts on Quentin Johnston’s rookie season in a candid discussion with local reporters, expressing his excitement for another stunning season from Johnston.

Hortiz especially commended the receiver for displaying glimpses of exceptional athleticism despite the typical challenges rookies face.

“That’s what a lot of rookie seasons look like. But he flashed some really impressive traits and the good thing is when you’re looking at your roster, you’re looking at it all the time, you’re watching the film all the time,” he said.

Later Hortiz shared confidence in Johnston’s ability to elevate his game in his sophomore NFL season. He emphasized the importance of continuous improvement and stated the support Johnston receives from the coaching staff.

“Every time you put on the tape, you see the talent and I expect him to make the jump. I know we have the right coaches to help him make the jump. I feel good about the guys that are here.”

While the 22-year-old young talent remains a focal point, the Chargers boast a talented receiving corps comprising Josh Palmer, Derius Davis, and Simi Fehoko. Nevertheless, reportedly, the Chargers team remains open to further strengthening the group through free agency or the NFL Draft, despite their depth in receiver position.

In addition to wide receiver, Los Angeles is expected to bolster their depth at cornerback and running back in the coming months as Hortiz and coach Jim Harbaugh continue to reshape the roster.

Quentin Johnston 2023 NFL season in numbers

In his debut season in the NFL, Quentin Johnston showcased glimpses of his potential as a dynamic playmaker for the Los Angeles football team. He primarily operated in a supporting role, securing 38 receptions for 431 yards and two touchdowns. Surprisingly, as a secondary receiver, he appeared to play in every game.

Johnston entered the league with high expectations, being selected as the 21st overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, hailing from TCU.

While his rookie statistics may not have topped the charts, they lay a foundation for his future growth and development in the NFL.

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