Charles Leclerc wants ‘Ferrari to be on top’ of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes, confident of strong finish to F1 season

Charles Leclerc is gearing up for the upcoming race with one goal, i.e. to get the maximum possible points for Ferrari in the Abu Dhabi GP. Ferrari is looking strong with the pace they have shown in recent races and Leclerc will want to take full advantage of it.

Charles Leclerc and Ferrari are going through an extremely disappointing season after the promising start they had in 2022. Ferrari is contesting Mercedes for the second spot in the constructor’s championship and Leclerc has been unable to win any races this season.

Charles Leclerc on Ferrari and Mercedes rivalry

Ferrari and Mercedes are almost on equal footing heading into the last race of the season as they compete for the second spot. Mercedes is only 4 points ahead of Ferrari, and the scarlet team has shown a recent surge in pace through the races. Mercedes, on the other hand, is suffering from disappointments ever since the Brazilian GP.

Charles Leclerc
Charles is optimistic via Scuderia Ferrari Fans

While Toto Wolff is taking sarcastic jibes at the past results of Abu Dhabi, Charles Leclerc is looking forward to an amazing race. Leclerc is confident about the abilities of the SF23, which has been getting better every weekend. He further compared Ferrari’s season with Mercedes on their 4-point difference.

“We are disappointed with our season, but we both had a very similar season and that’s why we are only 4 points apart. I don’t think one deserves it more than the other but obviously I am driving for Ferrari, I love Ferrari and I want Ferrari to be on top of Mercedes. So I am fully motivated to finish in front of them and I am pretty sure that as a team if we do everything perfect it is possible.”

Charles Leclerc
Las Vegas GP gives another podium via The Star

Charles Leclerc aims to finish F1 season on high

Charles Leclerc will be waiting to get back on the top step of the podium at Abu Dhabi, which will closely resemble the Monza podium, a revered place for Ferrari fans. The Abu Dhabi GP will be their final bid at giving the loyal ‘Tifosi’ something to remember before the quest for the 2024 championship.

Charles Leclerc
Another pole failed to turn into a win via Eurosport

Charles Leclerc has been suffering a string of bad luck after his strong 2022 season, which saw him compete for the driver’s title, although briefly. Leclerc will be giving his best to get a win this season after the close calls he had throughout 2023. Leclerc was able to qualify on pole many times, but his aims could never come to fruition due to one reason or another.

Charles Leclerc is arguably a very talented driver out of the large roster of Ferrari drivers. Carlos Sainz and Charles proved their capability in early 2022, when they had the best car on the grid. Who do you support more among the Ferrari duo, and do you think Sainz will join Audi in 2026?


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