Charvarius Ward’s deleted tweets lashes out at Sauce Gardner for Chiefs-49ers remark: “Yo a** ain’t never sniffed the playoffs”

Ending a longstanding playoff drought, the San Francisco 49ers entered Sunday’s Super Bowl, only to face a crushing defeat to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs’ victory marked them as the ninth team in NFL history to clinch back-to-back Super Bowl titles, while the 49ers concluded the game with a reminder of their last Super Bowl win back in the 1994 season.

While the loss saw starter Brock Purdy take responsibility on his shoulder, cornerback Charvarius Ward directed his frustration toward New York Jets’ player Sauce Gardner.

Why was Charvarius Ward pissed off at Sauce Gardner?

The 49ers’ heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl LVIII left the team and its fans dealing with disappointment. Nevertheless, tensions escalated when Sauce Gardner took to social media to express his thoughts on the game.

In a cryptic tweet, Gardner praised the Chiefs for their ability to secure a victory despite being labeled as underdogs.

“I told y’all. The 9ers might look better on paper but the Chiefs always find a way,” Gardner wrote in X, formerly Twitter. 

The tweet did not sit well with Charvarius Ward, who was still processing the anguish of the Super Bowl defeat. After being clearly angered by Gardner’s remarks, he promptly shared the Jets player’s tweet and unleashed his frustration.

“Boy yo a** ain’t never sniffed the playoffs. You watching from the couch. Worry about the sorry a** JETS. Everybody got something to say about the team in the Super Bowl. Your opinion doesn’t need to be heard kid.”

Not only Gardner, but Ward lashed his anger at a fan as well.

“Hell yeah I do,” Ward said. “You tweeting as a fan acting like you accomplished something. You ain’t accomplish a damn thing. The Chief won not you,” he wrote in response to a fan who threw taunting words at him.

While the heat of the moment led to Ward’s intense response, he seemingly had second thoughts about engaging in the social media spat. Shortly after his outburst, Ward decided to delete the tweet and the response, perhaps realizing the need to diffuse tensions.

How was Charvarius Ward for the 49ers this season?

During the 2023–2024 regular season, Charvarius Ward played 17 games with a total of 72 tackles, including 56 solo tackles and 16 assists. His interception returns have amounted to 91 yards, with an impressive average of 18.2 yards per interception return.

Additionally, Ward, who was once targeted by AJ Brown, has scored one touchdown and recorded a long return of 66 yards, with 23 passes defended and two tackles for loss.

When it comes to the postseason, he recorded 10 tackles, including eight solo tackles and two assists, without recording any sacks or turnovers.

What’s your take on the 49ers player’s social media interaction?

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