Chiefs’ depth chart lists Patrick Mahomes as a “Backup” punter, surprising the NFL community

Chiefs punter Tommy Townsend has been subject to a left knee injury that dubbed him questionable in their matchup against the Broncos. The franchise was presented with a dilemma in their punting room amid Townsend’s injury. However, the NFL community was left bewildered when the Kansas City Chiefs’ depth chart listed their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, as the “Backup” punter for the team.

ST coordinator Dave Toub made this surprising revelation on Thursday, talking about how the signal-calling sensation can actually do it all out in the gridiron.

NFL community shocks to see Patrick Mahomes as Chiefs’ “Backup” punter

The Chiefs were faced with a daunting situation leading up to their Week 6 matchup against the Denver Broncos. Their primary punter, Tommy Townsend, had suffered a left knee injury during practice, leaving the team in need of a contingency plan. As they explored their options, including considering free-agent punters, the Chiefs ultimately decided not to add any players to their practice squad, opting to allow Townsend to play through his injury.

This decision left the team with a significant question: What if Townsend’s injury worsened during the game? The answer to this intriguing scenario came directly from Chiefs special teams coordinator Dave Toub, who revealed that their emergency punter was none other than their star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Toub acknowledged the uniqueness of their situation, stating that Mahomes was indeed their backup punter. Fortunately for the Chiefs, they didn’t have to resort to using Mahomes in this unexpected role during the game against the Broncos.

Chiefs’ fans took to social media to express their shock and concern. Some fans humorously worried about the ominous possibility Mahomes pulling hamstring while punting. Others raised valid concerns about subjecting a quarterback with a $500 million contract, to the risks associated with playing a position known for its physicality.

Patrick Mahomes responds to him being Chiefs’ “Backup” punter

In a twist that captures Patrick Mahomes’ light-hearted personality, the star quarterback took to X (formerly Twitter) to respond to the revelation that he had been listed as the Kansas City Chiefs’ backup punter. With a hint of humor, Mahomes tweeted, “I been trying to tell yall!!!”

In the interview with reporters after the game, Dave Toub said, “He can do it. He shows me all the time. He’s out there going on Saturday hitting punts. He can do it all that guy.” 

Looking ahead, in the event of an in-game injury to Townsend, the possibility of Patrick Mahomes taking the field as the team’s punter on fourth down becomes a hilarious, yet realistic option.

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