Chiefs fans outraged by Bills OT Dion Dawkins’ playoff warning to Patrick Mahomes: “Should’ve just kept his mouth shut”

In the last five years, there has been one name that has shined brighter than any other name in terms of performance, and that is Patrick Mahomes. The 28-year-old has lit up the league with his electrifying displays and accurate throws, which have stunned many audiences around the country.

However, with the playoff games coming thick and fast for the Kansas City Chiefs, it presents a daunting challenge for the talismanic QB. Mahomes will be playing his first away playoff game against the Buffalo Bills, and their OT Dion Dawkins, has something to say about that. Let’s find out more.

Bills OT Dion Dawkins issues playoff warning to Patrick Mahomes

The Buffalo Bills are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday night, and it will be only the second time Patrick Mahomes will play in the iconic Highmark Stadium, with his previous appearance being in 2020, when the crowds were under lockdown.

This piece of information has apparently spurred confidence in a faction of the Buffalo Bills players, including Dion Dawkins. He went on record to say that the Bills were feeling confident and also warned Patrick Mahomes.

“He’s [Mahomes] only been here once? So, he’s never been here. Simple as that,” said Dawkins, according to Fox Sports. “Pat has never been to the Bills stadium in full effect. He has no idea what our fans look like in person. Well, that’s not true. In the home stadium in person. So, the people that don’t always travel,” Dawkins said this week.

“I’m excited, because the environment will be different,” Dawkins added. “And not to say it’s in our favor, but stadium is our favor. Stadium is us. That helps us. I don’t care what nobody says. This is the most dopest feeling I’ve ever had. We’re having two back-to-back playoff games [at] home. Come on now, like we get to leave and go eat wings. It’s cool. So good luck.”

Chiefs fans aren’t happy with Dion Dawkins’ warning

While Dawkins might not have meant any malice when he spoke to the reporters, his statements did not go down well with the Chiefs’ faithful on Twitter. Users across the country unleashed a barrage of scathing comments against the Offensive Linebacker, ridiculing him for his choice of words.

One comment read, Dion Dawkins should’ve just kept his mouth shut lol. “Patrick Mahomes never been here….” Bro, let me tell you something, a dude that good isn’t going to be impacted by a bunch of drunks jumping through tables. That shit talking always comes back. I hated when Rex used to do it,” while another quipped, “To be fair the bills don’t know what a super bowl trophy looks like but they can come to arrowhead and see one if they’d like.

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