Chiefs Patrick Mahomes trails behind Kirk Cousins, Tua Tagovailoa and Jordan Love in which NFL record?

In the world of professional football, statistics and records often take center stage, providing fans and analysts with valuable insights into the performance of their favorite players. One such record that has garnered attention this NFL season is the passing touchdown leaderboard.

Surprisingly, the Kansas City Chiefs’ star quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, currently finds himself trailing behind three unexpected contenders: Kirk Cousins, Tua Tagovailoa, and Jordan Love.

Mahomes trails behind in touchdown passes

Patrick Mahomes, known for his incredible arm talent and penchant for finding the end zone, currently sits in fourth place with seven touchdown passes in three games. Kirk Cousins currently tops the charts in touchdown passes, with an impressive nine to his name. Despite a lackluster running game, Cousins benefits from having dynamic wide receiver Justin Jefferson in his arsenal.

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Right behind him is Tua Tagovailoa, who commands the potent Dolphins’ offense. Tagovailoa boasts eight touchdown passes, and he’s aided by the lightning-fast Tyreek Hill, who keeps defenses on their toes with his speed. In a remarkable debut season as the Packers’ starting quarterback, Jordan Love takes the third spot on the list with eight touchdown passes. It’s worth noting that he’s had the opportunity to play four games, including their recent loss on Thursday night against Detroit.

It’s also worth noting that while passing touchdowns are a significant metric, they do not tell the whole story of a quarterback’s performance. Factors such as passing yards, completion percentage, and wins are equally important in evaluating a quarterback’s overall impact on the game.

Chiefs seal back-to-back wins despite early woes

With the landslide victory against the Chicago Bears attended by a certain Taylor Swift, the Kansas City Chiefs notched up two back-to-back victories, extending their record for this season to 2-1.

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The defeat on the opening week was a very close one against the Detroit Lions, resulting in a 20-21 scoreline. After that game, the Chiefs’ performances have picked up significantly, handing defeats to both the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Chicago Bears.

In their next game against the wounded New York Jets, the Kansas City Chiefs will have to fire on all cylinders to ensure victory and maintain their top spot in the AFC West Standings.


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