Chiefs President plans to “get to the bottom” of WR Rashee Rice’s car accident incident

Rashee Rice already made a name for himself as a standout wide receiver. His significant contributions during the Kansas City Chiefs recent championship game were definitely undeniable. The wide receiver soared to new heights by clinching the prestigious “Mack Lee Hill Award.

However, Rice’s promising career trajectory took a tumultuous turn with a high-profile car accident on a bustling Dallas highway. The incident triggered a chain-reaction collision, thrusting him into a legal battle. Chiefs President Mark Donovan has weighed in on the matter, and Rice is also cooperating with the authorities on the matter.

Mark Donovan talks on Rashee Rice’s situation

Mark Donovan recently addressed Rashee Rice’s alleged involvement in the car accident during a radio interview on Monday. He spoke about the importance of waiting for all the facts to emerge before making any judgments.

“In all these situations you have to wait until you have all the facts and frankly, we don’t have all the facts at this point. The one comforting fact that we do have is that there was a multi-car crash in Texas, in Dallas,” Donovan told KCMO-AM.

The accident, which occurred on North Central Expressway in Dallas, involved a Chevrolet Corvette and a Lamborghini speeding in the far-left lane. Reports indicate that both cars were racing recklessly, ultimately resulting in a collision. Four individuals sustained minor injuries but are expected to recover fully. Donovan expressed relief that the injuries were not severe.

“Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that anyone was hurt, and we should be grateful for that. We’ll get to the bottom of it, we’ll gather the facts, and we’ll react accordingly,” he added.

The drivers of the two racing vehicles fled the scene after the collision. Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident, including Rashee Rice’s involvement in the matter.

Latest details on Rashee Rice’s car accident case

Rashee Rice was set to address the alleged accident he got entangled with. He is reportedly cooperating with authorities and has retained legal representation to navigate the aftermath responsibly.

Attorney Royce West conveyed the wide receiver’s concern for all affected by the accident, highlighting his client’s commitment to cooperating with local authorities.

“On behalf of Rashee Rice, his thoughts are with everyone impacted by the automobile accident on Saturday,” attorney Royce West said in a statement. “Rashee is cooperating with local authorities and will take all necessary steps to address this situation responsibly.”

Some reports suggested Dallas Police sought Rashee Rice for questioning, prompting the proactive move to secure legal counsel. The decision becomes crucial, especially considering the seriousness of hit-and-run allegations under Texas law. Central to the legal scrutiny is determining the Chiefs star’s role as the vehicle’s operator during the incident. This distinction holds the potential to absolve him of direct responsibility if he wasn’t behind the wheel at that time.


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