Christian Horner’s wife Geri Halliwell reportedly slapped Toto Wolff’s buttocks at Abu Dhabi GP 2023

Christian Horner has been quite elated about their recent season and is immensely proud of his team’s RB19, calling it a historical car. Horner and Wolff have been in deep rivalry ever since 2021 and they cannot stop each other from taking jabs at each other.

Christian Horner’s wife is often found at the paddock on race days and she is well versed with the drivers and teams. Horner’s wife recently became the topic of discussion when she did something unbelievable. The entire community has fallen into disarray wondering about her actions.

Christian Horner’s wife spanks Toto Wolff

In a recent video uploaded by Kym Illman, he was talking about the behind the scenes events that were missed by the general public. He was going through some secret moments and unusual scenes, but then he dropped something the public wasn’t ready for at all. Illman created suspense by talking about a person who spanked Toto Wolff in front of the Red Bull Hospitality area.

He revealed the details in the latter part of the video when he reported a hilarious incident between Horner’s wife and Toto Wolff. Christian Horner’s wife Geri Halliwell came behind Toto and gave him a slap on his buttocks. It was a jovial gesture that made Toto burst hilariously. Christian Horner and Wolff were later engaged in a quick banter about becoming neighbors next year. The entire conversation had a stark contrast to their usual rivalry and a reminder of the goodwill that exists in sports.

Christian Horner
Horner and Wolff display chivalry via Sky Sports

Christian Horner and Toto Wolff F1 rivalry explained

Mercedes entered the Turbo-Hybrid era with a bang, and Red Bull, who had recently secured four consecutive titles, went up against the Silver Arrows. The Bulls were one of the most serious rivals Mercedes ever had throughout the Turbo-Hybrid era and Max Verstappen always took the fight to them.

Christian Horner
Horner and Wolff engaged in argument via First Sports

However, things escalated to a whole new level during the 2021 championship when Mercedes ace Lewis Hamilton went up against Max Verstappen for his eighth title. In a drastic turn of events during the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP, which hurts Toto even today, Max Verstappen won the 2021 driver’s title, laying the foundation for the Red Bull and Mercedes rivalry. Christian Horner and Toto Wolff were engaged in a war of words throughout the season as they both tried to downplay each other.

While Horner’s team enjoys the taste of success on a silver platter, Mercedes has to work hard to achieve it. Despite the circumstances, Christian Horner and Toto Wolff maintained a friendly demeanor after the race, highlighting how their rivalry served as a source of motivation and drive for both of them.

Horner’s suggestion about Red Bull’s RB19 is a given fact, but do you agree with Max Verstappen’s worries about future domination and a lot of competition from teams?


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