Christian McCaffrey, Olivia Culpo’s of-field romantic moment sees mixed reaction from NFL fans: “Taylor swift clears”

The 2023–24 NFL season has given us loads of unforgettable moments along the way. However, this moment of passion between San Francisco 49ers’ Christian McCaffrey and his fiance, Olivia Culpo, might take the cake.

After the insane comeback victory against the Detroit Lions in the NFC Championship Game, the couple engaged in a romantic moment on the field, which has generated mixed feelings from the social media audience.

NFL fans are divided over McCaffrey, Culpo’s intimate moment

The San Francisco 49ers running back and his fiance Olivia have divided the internet over their antics after the massive victory. CMC’s faithful are still supportive of the couple, while some on Twitter believe that the couple is only putting on a show for the cameras.

After the win, the couple engaged in a fond embrace that ended with a chest bump, which was captured by the NFL’s cameras and put online. The comments under the post ranged from loving to some using colorful language.

“Taylor Swift Clears” read one comment on X (formerly Twitter), while another quipped, “Power couple, happy for CMC!” signifying the love and support the San Francisco 49ers faithful have for the couple ahead of the Super Bowl clash against the mighty Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas.

One tweet even iterated the fact that some of their fans did not even know that the two had been in a romantic relationship for the past three years. “Didn’t even know they were dating, interesting…” said one user on Twitter.

Culpo once joked she was “annoyed” before McCaffrey proposal

Even after dating for the better part of four years, CMC and Olivia Culpo got engaged fairly recently. This sudden decision to tie the knot raised a lot of eyebrows on social media. Moreover, Olivia Culpo’s comments on what made Christian McCaffrey propose have annoyed a lot of his fans.

According to the New York Times, Olivia Culpo talked about how the running back was acting aloof before popping the question to Olivia. “I tried to hint at what [ring] I wanted and he was just so uninterested,” said Culpo.

She continued, “He was doing it on purpose. I was getting so annoyed. Honestly, my feelings were getting hurt, but he just wanted it to be a surprise, so it was absolutely amazing.”

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