CM Punk breaks silence on his possible WWE Survivor Series appearance: “I think it’s sold out”

Following CM Punk’s sudden firing from AEW, fans have been theorizing about his eventual return to WWE at some point. However, all of their hopes were crushed when it was reported couple of weeks back that WWE had apparently denied Punk’s offer to return. The Second City Saint finally shed some light on the rumors and confirmed whether he will be making his return or not.

It’s safe to say that wherever CM Punk goes, controversy follows. He had a number of controversies surrounding him in both WWE and AEW for the past few years, which begged the question: Will WWE be willing to work with him again, especially after all his actions in the company?

CM Punk on his possible WWE Survivor Series appearance

It was being rumored for the past few weeks that CM Punk might be on his way back to WWE and would make an appearance at Survivor Series this year, which is also taking place in his hometown of Chicago. Furthermore, the Second City Saint had previously stated that he would be available during the time when Survivor Series takes place. This, combined with some positive news regarding Punk’s negotiations with the Stamford-based promotion, led fans to believe that his return was more or less guaranteed soon.

CM Punk

However, all that went away when Dave Meltzer noted few days back that Vince McMahon was the one who made the decision to not work with CM Punk anymore. Although some fans still hold hope that the Chicago-born superstar would make an appearance, Punk himself spoke on the matter recently.

While appearing on 670 The Score in Chicago, the former AEW World Champion was directly questioned about whether he would make an appearance at WWE Survivor Series this year. Rather than providing a direct answer, Punk mentioned that the event is already sold out and it would be challenging for him to obtain any tickets. Additionally, he stated that he had more pressing matters to attend to, such as his dog recently suffering an injury, so he was more focused on spending time with his pet.

When is WWE Survivor Series going to start?

One of WWE’s most anticipated Premium Live Events, Survivor Series is taking place this year on 25th November at the Allstate Arena in Chicago. The event features the top superstars and champions of RAW and SmackDown go up against each other to establish the superior brand.

Survivor Series

No matches have been confirmed as of yet, as WWE is focusing on the Crown Jewel event as of now, which is to take place on 4th November. They will likely begin generating hype for the event as soon as Crown Jewel is out of the way, As of now, only the WarGames match has been confirmed for the event. This match itself is enough to build up massive hype for the upcoming event. Last year, The Bloodline was featured in the WarGames match, which drew in massive numbers.

Although it seems unlikely that CM Punk will be making an appearance at Survivor Series this year, WWE definitely has other surprises planned. Stay tuned for further updates on the upcoming PLE.


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