CM Punk receives Dana White approval after WWE return: “one of the easiest people I’ve ever dealt with”

CM Punk has became the hot topic in the wrestling industry for the past few days since his return to the WWE after a decade. His most awaited return to WWE finally came true in the recent Survivor Series pay per view.

Punk’s comeback sparked outrage not just in WWE, but almost in every other wrestling industry including AEW and the UFC. Recently the UFC President, Dana White expressed his thoughts on CM Punk’s return to WWE.

CM Punk receives clean bill of conduct from Dana White

Dana White described CM Punk as one of the easiest people he has ever dealt with in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso. White claimed that he texted Punk to congratulate him on his debut at Survivor Series in Chicago. He characterized the event as incredible and backed Punk’s choice.

White said, “I texted him that night after he walked out in Chicago. It was amazing. I texted and congratulated him, it was incredible.” White also praised his friendship with Punk, noting that they have had nothing but a good friendship and mutual understanding when they first met.

He also said, “I’ve had nothing but a great relationship with him since the day we met. He’s a super nice guy. He’s one of the easiest people I’ve ever dealt with. Do I give my blessing? 100 percent. I love the guy.”

Even though Punk did not have a successful career in the UFC, White praised the tenacity of his battles and the respect he earned from his training camp. Despite being regarded as one of the most controversial superstars, these notes from White show that Punk is a nice guy to be with.

CM Punk’s UFC career

Punk’s departure from WWE in 2014 was a major blow to the company and it is still debated today. After leaving WWE, Punk immediately joined UFC. CM Punk’s UFC career was a brief and controversial one. Punk signed with the UFC in 2014 despite having no prior experience in mixed martial arts.

He made his UFC debut in 2016, losing to Mickey Gall in a first-round submission. Undeterred by the loss, Punk returned to the octagon in 2018 at UFC 225, facing Gall once again. In a rematch marred by controversy, Punk lost via split decision He was then released from the UFC in 2018.

CM Punk in Octagon
via UFC

Punk’s UFC career was widely criticized, with many people believing that he was not ready for that level of competition. He was also accused of being arrogant and disrespectful to his opponents. However, Punk also had his defenders, arguing that he was a talented athlete simply trying to challenge himself.

Ultimately, Punk’s UFC career was a failure; he lost both of his fights and was never able to prove that he belonged in the UFC. Nevertheless, his career serves as a reminder of the allure of mixed martial arts and the impact of a well-known name.


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