CM Punk urges Cody Rhodes to ‘punch’ Dwayne Johnson after brutal WM40 press conference slap

The T-Mobile Arena witnessed an unexpected drama today in the WrestleMania 40 : Kickoff press conference. Cody Rhodes, the winner of 2024 Men Royal Rumble match, made his final decision to face the Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at WrestsleMania 40.

The Rock, who made his appearance to the conference, slapped Rhodes, after he went against the Samoan family. CM Punk, who was part of the panel of hosts, gave his honest opinion on what happened on the stage.

CM Punk urges Cody Rhodes to retaliate against Dwayne Johnson

CM Punk, who was rumoured to join the commentary team after a tricep injury, made his presence to the press conference as a part of panel of hosts along with Pat McAfee and Big E. After the press conference, Punk extended his support for the American Nightmare.

Punk said, “Somebody slaps you, you gotta bust them right back in the mouth, that is what I would have done. I wanna to see Cody punch Rock right in the face. Rock is on the board. So Cody just got slapped by his boss? His boss put his hands on him? I’m throwing hands. I’m whipping everybody A** I don’t care who it is.”

CM Punk shared his perspective on The Rock’s slap to Cody Rhodes and said that he wanted to see Rhodes punch The Rock in the face. He also referenced his own infamous AEW brawl with Kenny Omega as an example of how to handle such situations.

Punk also reminded the fans that The Rock is not only a Hollywood star, but also a part of the TKO board. Punk is known for his outspoken and rebellious personality, which often leads to controversy. His comments against The Rock was well received by the WWE fans and they shared their support for Rhodes on social media.

Watch: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson slaps Cody Rhodes

WrestleMania 40 is just around the corner and the main event for the show was set to be revealed on today’s press conference. Unexpectedly, Cody Rhodes made a dramatic entrance onto the stage, interrupting The Rock, who was ready to shake hands with Roman Reigns, signaling the confirmation of the main event.

Last week, Rhodes officially stepped down from challenging Reigns and he introduced Rock to be the challenger for The Tribal Chief. However, the fans thought Rhodes will choose Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. But he made a surprising decision to opt for Reigns as his WrestleMania 40 opponent, leaving The Rock astonished.

Reigns couldn’t accept that and took a shot on Rhodes’ dad by saying, “You are irrelevant just like your dad.” This made Cody angry and he replied, “If your grandfather was alive, he would be ashamed of you.” The Rock, hearing all this, suddenly slapped the American Nightmare and the chaos began on the stage. The slap sparked a brawl between the three men and was broken up by Triple H and Adam Pearce, who were also on the stage.

In the segment, Rhodes wasn’t by himself as Seth Rollins emerged to stand alongside him and exchanged words with the cousins. However, after the event, WWE officially announced that The American Nightmare will face The Tribal Chief at WrestleMania 40. Today’s chaos has left fans in a state of anticipation, wondering what twists lay ahead on the journey to WrestleMania.


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