Cody Rhodes calls for wrestling fans’ ‘trust’ after ‘Rocky sucks’ chants at WWE RAW

The wrestling world witnessed a significant transformation in the past three days, largely due to the actions of Cody Rhodes. For more action, Heavyweight king Seth Rollins talked about the controversy on Monday Night RAW. However, it seemed that fans were not interested in Rollins and Rhodes’ opinions.

Fans seized the opening part of the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw by chanting “Rocky Sucks,” which was reminiscent of the year 1996. Everyone in the episode was shocked by the interruption, but narrator Michale Cole seemed like he was having a blast.

Cody Rhodes: Appreciate the passion but trust me

Cody Rhodes’s plans for WrestleMania became cloudy after his Royal Rumble victory. He had been scheduled to compete against Roman Reigns, but he decided to sit aside and let The Rock take the limelight instead. This awful choice was announced on February 2nd, and it has been disappointing for many who were waiting patiently for Cody Rhodes to conclude his journey.

Cody Rhodes
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Thanks to the #WeWantCody trend and the dislike of the Reigns-Rock segment on WWE’s YouTube, fans vented their dissatisfaction with the show. Following the booing of The Rock by fans on Raw, Cody finally spoke out, pleading with viewers to have “Trust” in the developing plot.

Cody Rhodes wrote, “Appreciate the passion, God bless y’all …but Trust me,” admitting the intensity of the fans’ feelings. His statement seems to be an appeal for supporters to have faith in the continuing story.

WWE is keeping a careful eye on how fans are responding to The Rock’s replacement of Cody at WrestleMania 40. Cody’s involvement with Drew McIntyre adds mystery to the plot, and his function is still up in the air. The Road to WrestleMania is sure to be filled with more surprises for wrestling fans.

WWE fans chant ‘rocky sucks’ for hijacking Cody Rhodes fight

From his return to WWE onwards, Cody Rhodes’s path to WrestleMania has been everything from smooth sailing. It seems like he was about to face Roman Reigns last year, but that chance slipped his grasp completely. The 2024 Royal Rumble victory restored his star power, despite the challenges he had faced. On the other hand, The Rock’s involvement caused an uproar, which overshadowed Vince McMahon’s current legal difficulties.

Cody Rhodes
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The fallout of Rhodes’ decision was explored on recent Monday Night Raw, with Seth Rollins addressing the feelings of the fans. Many viewers were unhappy that The Rock would be facing Roman Reigns at WrestleMania instead of Rhodes. There was a buzz going throughout the crowd because Rollins even acknowledged the shouts for Cody.

It was unexpected for him to hear the “Rocky Sucks” chant. Michael Cole inquired about the year 1996 during the commentary. The problem remained unsolved by the conclusion of the episode, driven further by Drew McIntyre’s support for Rhodes.

That being said, do you believe WWE should keep an eye on things and deal with the right-hand side of things? All that remains now is to determine whether or not the fans can change the criticized WrestleMania decision. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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