Cody Rhodes plans to step down to commentary with potential Roman Reigns loss at WrestleMania

As WrestleMania XL draws closer, the anticipation is reaching its peak. Night 2 promises one of the year’s most significant matches, with Roman Reigns defending his title against Cody Rhodes. For Cody, winning this championship would mark the finish of his story. 

The dream of many fans since WrestleMania 39 has come true, as Cody finally gets another chance to defeat the Tribal Chief after a year of hiatus. But if this attempt fails, he has already hinted at what he intends to do next.

Cody Rhodes talks on future if he lost at WrestleMania 40

With just four days to go before WrestleMania XL, the atmosphere is electric and the pressure is mounting. It is shaping up to be WWE’s most historic event to date. The riveting story of Cody Rhodes is at the center of what is going on.

At this stage in his career, Cody must overcome the horrific setback he suffered at the hands of Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39. Another opportunity to rewrite history on the grandest stage has been handed to him by the fans’ unwavering support. However, the question is what if he fails miserably again?

Even though Cody is still hopeful and determined, he knows the hard truth: Victory is the only choice. The seriousness of the matter was indicated during his recent appearance on First Take, ESPN.

Rhodes may have to consider calling it quits in his wrestling career if he fails to get victory at WrestleMania 40. The American Nightmare said, “Well, if I don’t finish the story, I might as well move over to commentary at that point. I might as well hit the booth.”

Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes made a heartwarming revelation during his appearance on The MMA Hour.  For his WrestleMania partner Seth Rollins, he got a costly, custom-made surprise gift built.

Cody Rhodes got custom made Rolexes for him and Seth Rollins

Throughout The Bloodline-Cody Rhodes saga that kicked off after the Royal Rumble, Seth Rollins has consistently supported Rhodes. With Rollins embracing their relationship, their collaboration has received a great deal of recognition. To show his gratitude and honor their partnership, Rhodes chose to present Rollins with a unique gift.

Cody Rhodes
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In a recent interview with The MMA Hour, the 38-year-old wrestler talked about the strong friendship he had with Rollins during their time together in WWE. Knowing that WrestleMania 40 holds significant importance for Rollins as his first main event, Rhodes wanted to make it even more memorable. Hence, he has individually crafted two Rolex watches to symbolize their friendship—one for himself and one for Rollins.

The American Nightmare said, “I got Seth and I these Rolexes. So we are bonded by our wristwear. There are more than two, I can’t say who all has them, but there are more than two. I will say that I was really excited to give it to him, because we will forever be competitive against each other. But we don’t have to not be respectful or even friends.”

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