Colby Covington names three conditions Ian Garry and ‘gold digging wh*re’ Layla must accept for possible UFC bout

The UFC’s welterweight division has undergone a transitional phase, notably with Leon Edwards defeating Kamaru Usman and Colby Covington, two top contenders in the division over the past 5 years, in his recent fights. Up-and-coming fighters now view Covington and Usman as stepping stones to challenge Edwards.

With Edwards at the top, rising contenders such as Shavkat Rakhmonov, Belal Muhammad, Jack Della Maddalena, and Ian Garry, among others, have set their sights on becoming the next champion in the UFC’s prestigious division.

Colby Covington responds to Ian Garry’s challenge

Ian Machado Garry kept his undefeated record intact with a split-decision victory over Geoff Neal at UFC 298. Post victory, Garry called out Colby Covington, the former UFC interim welterweight champion, as they had been trading barbs with each other for some time now.

Now, Covington has responded to the callout with his signature scripted social media post as per Sports Illustrated. “Ian Gary, you translucent cuck, you wanted my attention, now you got it,” Covington trolled Garry as he went on to slut shame Garry’s wife, Layla Anna-Lee. Garry was supposed to fight Vicente Luque at UFC 296 but had to withdraw due to Pneumonia but Covington alluded it to be Garry being scared of Covington’s trash talk.

“You just went life and death with a guy that does this part-time as a busboy,” Covington criticized Garry’s hard-fought victory against Neal and claimed that he represents a higher level of competition than Neal. However, Covington agreed to fight Garry under three conditions.

First, he wanted Garry and his wife to enable the comments sections on their social media. Second, Garry’s wife has to convince him why he should take the fight. Third, he wants Garry’s wife to be beside him in his next promo for MyBookie.

Colby Covington and Ian Garry feud explained

Colby Covington’s feud with Ian Garry began after Garry started making negative comments about the former interim champion. Garry was dismissive of Covington’s credentials and even cast doubt on Covington’s position in the rankings despite his inactivity.

However, things took a turn when Garry became a disliked figure in MMA by both fans and fighters alike. Garry’s relationship with his much older wife became a subject of controversy. To make matters worse, Garry was scheduled to fight Vicente Luque at UFC 296, headlined by Covington and Leon Edwards.

Fight fans expected a fiery showdown between Garry and Covington at the press conference, but Garry contracted pneumonia and withdrew from the fight. However, that did not stop Covington from mentioning the Irishman negatively at the pre-fight press conference.

Garry remained silent for some time but responded after he recovered, calling Covington one of the worst human beings ever, especially after Covington mentioned Leon Edwards’ deceased father in trash talks at UFC 296, in addition to slut-shaming Layla Anna-Lee.

In addition to Covington, Garry also feuded with Sean Strickland for the same reasons. At one point in time, the Covington-Garry and Strickland-Garry feud made all the headlines in MMA, more than the fights themselves.

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